The Leading Players of IoT


19. Sigfox

Enablers: Connectivity

Sigfox has emerged as one of the France’s biggest names in the IoT field. Sigfox provides an energy-efficient and low-cost cellular-type networks to enable IoT and M2M devices to be continuously powered on, connected and emit small amounts of data.

  • Sigfox’s network connects devices, such as electricity meters, smartwatches and washing machines.
  • Sigfox uses different radio frequencies that can send short bursts of data over great distances while operating at low power. The technology helps in reducing network costs. It utilizes a wide-reaching signal that passes freely through solid objects, called ultra narrowband.
  • To help developers designing IoT products around the world, many products such as the Samsung ARTIKM platform and HPE’s IoT Platform 1.2 are supporting the SIGFOX’s cost-effective and energy-efficient network.
  • Sigfox revealed its plans to install its networks in 60 countries around the world including Japan, South Korea and 100 cities of US. The firm particularly sees U.S. as a huge growth market for IoT connectivity especially in smart cities, utilities, shipping and agriculture sectors to connect millions of sensors to the Internet.

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HQ: Labege, France

20. Verizon

Enabler: Connectivity, Development Tools

Verizon recently announced that its global IoT footprint–now extends to more than 120 countries and would reach nearly 200 countries by year-end.

  • Verizon’s IoT platform for enterprises, ThingSpace, has gained significant ground since its launch in October 2015. Its being used by over 4,000 developers across the globe. The platform provides developers with assets ranging from connectivity and analytics to device management and most-demanded APIs.
  • Built using Thingspace, the firm demonstrated a full functional weather station that measures water consumption and other metrics, and delivers all of that information to users in real time.
  • Verizon also opened a large 4G LTE network in the US and offers inexpensive LTE modems for IoT developers to link devices to its own network.
  • The operator recently revealed it has a series of new IoT deployments and partnerships geared towards multiple verticals such as public safety, agriculture, and urban development. Furthermore, it said it is leveraging its network, cloud and security capabilities to launch intelligent video, lighting and traffic management solutions.

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HQ: New York, USA

21. Johnson Controls Inc (JCI)

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Johnson Controls Inc, an American multinational conglomerate, is at the forefront of developing building automation systems for the IoT.

  • The firm’s IoT platform, called Panoptix, helps to connect every facet of a smart building, from air conditioning to light bulbs, and analyses the resulting data for optimising efficiency and reducing energy costs.
  • The Panoptix platform is also open to third-party software from many noteworthy building efficiency tech players like BuildingIQ, FirstFuel and Lucid Design Group.
  • In 2016, JCI further strengthened its expertise in building automation by merging with Tyco, a firm which has developed an IoT platform to collect and analyse data from millions of fire, security, and retail sensors around the world.

IoT Page: http://www. johnsoncontrols. com/buildings/specialty-pages/ iot
HQ: Milwaukee, USA


Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions is an American customer relationship management (CRM) firm which dived into the Internet of things with its IoT platform, called “IoT cloud”. The firm uses this platform to pinpoint customer’s requirements and react to their needs proactively.

• Powered by a real-time processing engine called Thunder, the platform can capture and analyse billions of events a day. Data can come from sensors, devices, mobile apps, social interactions, websites, or other products.

• The platform allows users to build rules that specify events to act on and what actions to take. For example, sensors in the car can send a message through the cloud to the car owner as well as the service center when any car system needs servicing.

• One IoT Cloud customer, Emerson, can contact its customers when it notices problems with their connected thermostats, rather than waiting for users to notice the problem and call a technician themselves.

IoT Page: http://www.salesforce. com/in/ iot-cloud/
HQ: California, USA

23. Rockwell Automation

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Connectivity, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Rockwell Automation is one of the largest innovators in the industrial IoT space. The firm offers sensors, controls and other products to make manufacturing equipment smarter and more connected.

  • Rockwell supplies routers, switches and other internet parts which form a main part of IoT. The firm collaborated with Cisco for the development of a series of Stratix routers and switches. Unlike most Internet hardware, Stratix routers are meant to be resistant to extreme levels of heat and cold.
  • In 2013, Rockwell acquired vMonitor, a wireless technology firm serving the oil and gas industry. The acquisition enhanced Rockwell’s portfolio of products for the oil and gas sector and accelerate the development of systems and monitoring services for water/wastewater, mining and other industries.
  • Rockwell made a strategic investment of 3 million dollars in SmartCloud Inc., whose Cognitive Reasoning Engine (CRex) platform helps in collecting and analyzing mounds of data from IoT sensors, and perform complex, real-time decision-making using human-oriented reasoning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.
  • The firm also rolled out a mobile app to help factory managers troubleshoot and monitor equipment from their smartphones and tablets.

IoT Page: http://www.rockwellautomation. com/
HQ: Milwaukee, USA

24. PTC

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

PTC, a firm specialising in computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) tools, became a player in the emerging IoT space with the acquisition of ThingWorx, a firm which has developed the enterprise IoT platform ‘ThingWorx’.

• ‘ThingWorx’ platform helps customers to build smart, connected solutions for the IoT for a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, utilities, medical devices, agriculture, and transportation.

• PTC also acquired Axeda, a firm which offers IoT technology to enable companies to remotely monitor and manage a wide range of connected machines, sensors and devices.

• The firm further strengthened its position in the IoT space by acquiring Coldlight, which offers a data analytics platform, Neuron. Leveraging its capabilities, developers can create solutions without having to be a data scientist, expert in complex mathematics or a machine-learning expert.

• In addition, PTC launched the latest version of its ThingWorx IoT platform, ThingWorx 7, with many new features. The firm also upgraded ThingWorx with a new solution stack for IoT computing at the edge specifically designed for industrial use cases.

IoT page: of-things/technology-platform- thingworx
HQ: New York, USA

30. Microchip

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools

Semiconductor giant Microchip offers a wide semiconductor portfolio which includes all the IoT hardware ingredients ranging from MCUs to analog semiconductors to memory.

• Microchip is widely known for its PIC series of MCUs (e.g. PICmicro, dsPIC, PIC32) and a series of development tools to support them.
• To get started with PIC development, the firm recently unveiled a free online IDE called MPLAB Xpress, and a $10 dev board with a built-in programmer.
• For developers interested in PIC32 MCUs, Microchip offers a flexible, fully integrated development platform, called MPLAB Harmony.
• The firm also offers Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet solutions ideal for IoT applications such as home & building automation. Microchip recently launched wireless modules to add long-range LoRaWAN network capability to any embedded design.
• In 2016, Microchip bought its former rival Atmel to strengthen its offerings in areas of MCUs, sensors, connectivity and security.
• Microchip recently released a complete Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor node platform for sensing systems in next-generation IoT applications including indoor navigation, wearables, gaming, context awareness, health and fitness, and augmented reality.
• The firm also launched an End-to-End Security Solution for IoT Devices connected to Amazon Web Services’ cloud.

IoT Page: design-centers/internet-of- things/
HQ: Arizona, USA

31. Samsung

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Smart home giant Samsung is banking big in its IoT efforts claiming every single product it sells will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020.

  • Samsung is the maker of memory chips, and application processors which act as brains for many tiny devices and smartphones including Apple’s iPhones.
  • Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones use its own Exynos applications processor, flash memory chip and a wireless chip to connect the phone to 3G and 4G networks.
  • In 2014, Samsung acquired ‘SmartThings’, an emerging home automation firm, to further propel itself in the consumer IoT space. The firm’s popular smart home platform, called ‘SmartThings IoT hub’, helps to control connected gadgets, such as home and sleep monitors, refrigerators, and a smart washing machine.
  • The company recently unveiled its new Artik line of processor chips to power the IoT applications from trackers to smart home hubs.
  • Samsung also announced Artik Cloud, a rival for Microsoft’s Azure and IBM’s Bluemix. It’s a cloud service specifically made for connecting IoT devices.

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HQ: Seoul, South Korea

32. MediaTek Inc.

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development tools

MediaTek, a pioneering chipset providing firm, enables IoT with a range of System-on-chips (SoCs) for smartphones, fitness trackers, wireless local area network (WLAN), GPS, among others.

  • MediaTek Helio series is MediaTek’s flagship mobile processor family, targeting the high-end phones. The MediaTek helio X Series comprises two product lines: MediaTek helio X10 and MediaTek helio X20 / X25.
  • In 2014, the firm launched MediaTek Labs, a developer program to speed IoT and wearable device creation with software development kits (SDKs), hardware development kits (HDKs), technical documentation, etc.
  • The Labs developer program also features the LinkIt Development Platform, which is based on the tiny MediaTek Aster (MT2502) chipset for wearables.
  • Furthermore, the company has been reported as one of the major chip makers that Docomo chose for developing a new 5G air interface and the chipsets that will support 5G wireless connectivity by 2020.

IoT Page: products/internet-of-things/
HQ: Taiwan, China

33. Altizon

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Altizon is an industrial IoT firm which offers an IoT Platform ‘Datonis’, which has applications in manufacturing and energy sectors.

  • The platform aims to make machines and manufacturing equipment smarter and connected. Manufacturers can get details on how their equipment is operating as well as manage them from the cloud.
  • Datonis can handle a billion events a day from a million devices using Big Data technologies and offers real time Insights to customers.

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34. Alteryx

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Alteryx is one of the pioneers in the data blending and advanced data analytics space.

  • The Alteryx advanced analytics tools suite comprises three products: Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server and Alteryx Analytics Gallery.
  • The firm’s flagship ‘Alteryx analytics platform’ uses self-service analytics to allow business users manipulate data and spot business opportunities, without requiring them to have expertise in statistics, business intelligence or data mining.
  • The easy-to-use platform can easily blend and analyze all data, and share deeper insights in hours, rather than weeks, so that actions can be taken.
  • Users can work with data that’s aggregated from a range of sources – data warehouses, cloud apps, spreadsheets and other sources. Examples include Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and
  • The data can then be analyzed using spatial and predictive drag-and-drop tools for improved decision-making.
  • Alteryx Server is a server-based product that provides organizations with a scalable architecture, enabling them to handle their complex analytics problems, while sharing the results with other departments and business decision makers.
  • Alteryx Analytics Gallery is a cloud-based application for sharing analytic applications and models with members of an extended organization, including partners, customers and suppliers.
  • The Gallery features over 1,600 analytic apps similar to a mobile app store or other cloud-optimized service. Anyone can sign up for free to view the analytics gallery, then browse and run these sophisticated sample analytic applications created by others.
  • The firm’s tools are being used by a number of US healthcare customers and academic universities to solve real-world problems, such as global warming and healthcare.
  • Alteryx is also working with industrial manufacturers who have sensors embedded in their equipment to help them predict equipment failure before it occurs.

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HQ: California, USA

35. Ericsson

Enabler: Connectivity, IoT Software

Ericsson believes that cellular networks are the foundation for a wide range of IoT applications since they cover 90 percent of the world’s population. Ericsson is taking it towards the development of 5G technologies which offer increased battery life and lower cost of IoT devices.

  • The firm upgraded its IoT Networks Software 16B to accelerate IoT uptake and to meet the goal of 60% cost reduction of device, 10+ years battery life, 7x better coverage and optimization for IoT diversity.
  • These improvements are relevant to all sorts of IoT use cases, including transportation, logistics, fleet tracking, smart meters and smart agriculture.
  • The improvements in software claim IoT device cost reduction by 60 percent through the support of LTE Category 0, which is much slower than current networks, but this is suitable for most IoT applications which don’t need lots of bandwidth.
  • The firm is working with Nokia and Intel for the development and roll-out of NB-LTE (narrow-band LTE) which is optimized for low power Machine-to-Machine communication.

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HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

36. Invensense

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools

  • InvenSense is known for its MEMS sensor platforms comprised of motion, imaging, sound and location solutions suitable for Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, and Automotive segments.
  • Invensys’s solutions geared for IoT development include SensorStudio, Firefly SoC with integrated software framework, 6- and 9-axis sensors with specialized algorithms, and a wide range of analog, digital, and I²S microphones.
  • The firm offers a range of MotionTracking devices found in many consumer electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.
  • InvenSense 9-Axis motion tracking devices combine a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis compass in the same chip together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP) to process complex MotionFusion algorithms.
  • The firm created the ‘FireFly Development Kit’ for rapid prototyping and development of IoT applications. The Kit is composed of 3 critical components – ICM-30630 6-axis motion tracking solution with integrated sensor-hub framework software, ‘SensorStudio’ which is a development tool to ease the development and programming of the FireFly platform, and the Arduino Zero board.
  • Sensor products till now normally don’t address security because of cost and size restrictions. Invensys announced TrustedSensor, which it says is the first sensor product integrating security without compromising on performance and efficiency.
  • is Invensense’s new cloud-based fitness tracking platform for smartphone and smartwatch health and fitness applications.
  • InvenSense recently announced the world’s smallest, lowest power I2S microphone for IoT and wearable markets.
  • The firm recently partnered with ARM Accelerator to accelerate development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in China.

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HQ: Caliornia, USA

37. Telit Wireless Solutions (TWS)

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity

Telit Wireless Solutions provides a spectrum of products and services to allow organisations wirelessly collect, process and respond to real-world data from connected IoT devices.

• The firm’s IoT solutions include cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) modules, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services.
• Telit’s cellular modules are deployed in 80+ countries worldwide for applications such as automated meter reading, POS terminals, asset tracking, fleet management, security alarm systems, remote monitoring and control, etc.
• Telit’s IoT platform, the IoT Portal, is a cloud-based subscription service for rapid application development. Through the IoT Portal Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), users can create and manage IoT solutions from a single, intuitive web interface for applications including asset tracking, industrial automation, and many more.

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HQ: London, UK

38. Filament

Enabler: Connectivity

Filament provides long-range and low-power wireless sensor networks enabling industries such as oil, gas, manufacturing and agriculture to unlock new efficiencies.

  • Filament’s network can connect IoT sensors and equipment throughout a manufacturing facility or crop sensors and vehicles across acres of fields.
  • The company’s hardware includes the Tap, its low-power sensor device which be used to wirelessly connect old equipment, and the Patch, which connect existing machinery and industrial infrastructure to the network.
  • Taps have built-in environmental sensors, a USB port for other sensors or devices, hardware cryptographic chips and long-range radios for secure accessibility and communication across large geographic areas.
  • Taps can talk directly to each other at distances of up to 10 miles and have a battery life of up to 20 years. They can be used where privacy and security are necessities such as airports, oil refineries, hospitals, etc.
  • Taps operate in a decentralized way without a central network authority. Instead, they generate ad-hoc mesh networks in the absence of cellular or Wi-Fi networks, and can process bitcoin payments and enforce digital smart contracts.
  • Filament leveraged existing blockchain technologies to create an open platform for Distributed Sensor Transactions (DIST). The Filament platform builds on the blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum for transactions), Telehash (private communication), JOSE (smart contracts), TMesh (low-power mesh networking), and BitTorrent (firmware and remote management updates).

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HQ: Nevada, USA

39. Gemalto

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Connectivity

Gemalto is a digital security firm which is at the forefront of developing secure solutions for all types of IoT and M2M applications.

  • Gemalto is one of the largest manufacturer of SIM-based solutions and services and particularly active in the M2M market.
  • The firm offers a range of Cinterion M2M modules & terminals and Machine Identification Modules (MIMs), to ensure reliable always-on cellular communications for IoT or M2M applications. The modules support any network standard from 2G to LTE including latest Machine Type Communication (MTC).
  • Gemalto’s advanced Cinterion 4G M2M connectivity solution offers 4G M2M connectivity and security to Airo’s new generation of industrial PDA. It provides GPS capabilities and high-speed communication for workers in mission critical situations in the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, public safety and utility industries.
  • Gemalto’s new generation of SIM card called embedded SIM (eSIM) or embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) can add SIM-style functions to IoT devices. It comes in a new form factor ideal for IoT and small wearable devices and are embedded directly into the mobile devices at the manufacturing stage.
  • Gemalto’s eSIM has been incorporated in a latest Samsung Gear S2 3G smartwatch. The e-SIM allows the smartwatch wearer to directly receive calls, messages and mobile applications notifications.
  • Gemalto also offers the eSE (embedded Secure Element), a tamper resistant hardware component embedded in IoT and industrial connected equipment to deliver smart card level digital security and device lifecycle management. Applications include payment, couponing, transport, access control, ticketing, etc.
  • Gemalto developed a specialized platform called the Machine Identification Module (MIM) which supports applications in metering, remote management and healthcare. The technology authenticates machines and secures long term communication across networks in harsh conditions of vibration, temperature, and humidity common to M2M applications.
  • Gemalto offers a range of eBanking and eCommerce security solutions under the Ezio brand name. The Ezio technology is in use in banks such as ABN AMRO, Barclays.
  • Gemalto Automotive M2M technologies enable capabilities including 4G LTE infotainment systems, mobile WiFi, 3D traffic navigation, eCall and bCall communications for immediate emergency roadside assistance and driverless car applications, etc.

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HQ: North Holland, Netherlands

40. Toradex India Private Limited

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools

Toradex Systems specializes in embedded computing solutions such as System on Modules (SOMs) and Customized Single Board Computers (SBC) for a variety of industries. Toradex claims that its modules enable the development of embedded platforms that meet the most common requirements for IoT such as low power consumption, long life, compact form factor, etc.

• Toradex modules feature some of the high-performing processors from the industry, such as NXP i.MX 6 & Vybrid, NVIDIA Tegra 2, Tegra 3 & Tegra K1 & Marvell XScale PXA. Customers can select the module most suitable for their application in terms of price and performance.
• Further, to help its customers kickstart their IoT projects, the company joined Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT). Microsoft Azure offers the tools which are already optimized for data warehousing, data mining, machine learning and presentation of data.

IoT Page:
HQ: Horw, Switzerland

41. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity

HPE, formed in November, 2015 from major parts of the old Hewlett-Packard, offers many IoT services and ecosystem to help customers define the Internet of Things.

  • The firm launched the HPE Universal IoT Platform, a software with the ability to collect IoT data generated in many kinds of formats and convert it into consistent formats, so that it can be collected and analyzed.
  • The Universal IoT Platform is designed to be vendor neutral and industry agnostic. It supports long-range, low-power LoRa and SIGFOX networks designed for devices such as smartwatches, washing machines, and electrical meters.
  • In 2015, HPE introduced its HPE Edgeline IoT Systems in partnership with Intel. These solutions perform analytics at the network edge and send only the relevant results back to the central location for analysis.
  • The firm’s special focus on edge analytics solutions is intended to manage petabytes of data generated every day with the proliferation of IoT devices.
  • In 2016, HPE unveiled the Intel-Xeon based Edgeline EL1000 and EL4000 servers, claimed to be the industry’s first converged systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • To implement its IoT plans, HPE also recently announced partnerships with some of the big IoT names, such as industrial IoT specialist GE Digital, automated test and measurement company National Instruments, and IoT platform company PTC.
  • HPE also announced four IoT Innovation Labs across the globe to help customers apply IoT in their industry, and build and test IoT applications.

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HQ: Palo Alto, USA

42. SAP

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

SAP, a German firm that dominates the enterprise software market, debuted its SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 2011 to make an impact in the IoT space.

• HANA is an in-memory IoT platform which extracts real-time insights from the data collected from plenty of sensors, and helps users to manage and monitor remote devices.
• SAP offers a portfolio of IoT applications that leverage SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT. These include SAP Connected Assets, SAP Connected Logistics software, and SAP Connected Manufacturing.
• SAP has developed a strong partner ecosystem for accelerating IoT including Siemens, Jasper, Accenture and T-Systems.
• SAP worked with Siemens to help enable the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 for industrial customers.
• SAP developed a cloud-based logistics solution with T-systems. The solution has been a game changer for the Port of Hamburg, the largest port in Germany with a goods turnover of 140 Million Tons each year. The solution is used to access traffic information from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, in order to allow larger quantities of goods to be trans-shipped in the port area.
• SAP joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, an open membership organization aimed at accelerating the commercial proliferation of IoT.
• SAP recently partnered with Bosch to advance IoT and Industry 4.0. The goal of the partnership is to process large quantities of data for IoT applications in real time, using SAP HANA and the Bosch IoT cloud.

IoT Page:
HQ: Walldorf, Germany

43 IBM

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

IBM has well-positioned itself in the emerging IoT landscape with its popular machine learning IoT platform, the Watson IoT.

  • Watson is an IBM supercomputer that allows devices to think like humans and take better decisions using the power of cognitive computing.
  • The platform can analyze high volumes of IoT data coming from IoT sensors in homes, buildings, retail, healthcare, and automotive. One of the impressive applications of Watson was to connect 2 million escalators for improved quality of service.
  • To drive IoT innovation, IBM opened Watson IoT global headquarters in Munich and also launched new API services as part of its Watson IoT platform. One of them is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) API service which enables users to interact with systems and devices using simple, human language.
  • IBM partnered with automotive supplier Continental Corp on a connected car solution to help drivers from finding the nearest parking space and getting maintenance alerts to getting the most efficient route.

IoT Page:

HQ: New York, USA

44. Huawei

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity, IoT Software

Chinese telecom giant Huawei, says that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of its strategic priorities.

• Huawei offers Agile IoT, which it claims as the world’s first software-defined agile Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Huawei’s solution has been deployed in many areas including buildings, electricity meters, home appliances, power distribution networks, etc.
• Agile IoT consists of an IoT operating system (OS) called LiteOS, Agile IoT gateways, and an Agile Controller.
• The Agile IoT Gateway products are designed to bridge sensor and IP networks.
• LiteOS is claimed to be the world’s most lightweight (only 10 kb) and open-source IoT OS. It can be applied to smart homes, wearables, connected vehicles, smart meters and industrial networks.
• Huawei is also working towards the development and deployment of NarrowBand IoT, a standard developed by 3GPP for deployment of IoT devices over existing LTE networks. The firm is also contributing to the development of 5G.
• Huawei and China Unicom (Shanghai) recently released an NB-IoT-based Smart Parking solution.
• Huawei and General Electric (GE) partnered on application development for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IoT Page:
HQ: Guangdong, China

45. SPAN Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions

SPAN Infotech is a startup in the IoT space whose flagship offering for IoT is the Digital Transformation Stack (DTS).

• DTS provides end-to-end solutions for organizations to accelerate their digital journey. It is currently used by many startups and organizations to speed up DevOps and gain real-time insights critical for their businesses.
• Span partnered with Rackspace, a firm offering managed cloud and private cloud services. This was intended to power SPAN’s cloud-based services to drive it in the IoT space.

IoT Page:
HQ: Texas, USA

46. Keysight technologies

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Test & Measurement

Keysight, formerly Agilent Technologies, is a test and measurement firm claiming that its low-cost IoT RF test solutions help to reduce cost and time-to-market for IoT devices.

• The firm manufactures hardware and software for benchtop, modular, and field instruments — including oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers, signal generators, power supplies, handheld tools, and more.
• The firm’s hardware and software test tools are used for testing the many RF and high speed digital technologies that are used in IoT including cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NFC, RFID and more.

IoT Page:
HQ: California, USA

47. NXP Semiconductors

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Connectivity

NXP manufactures a spectrum of solutions found in many IoT devices including automobile engines, medical, industrial and consumer devices. These solutions include microcontrollers, processors, sensors, development kits, and security and connectivity solutions.

• In 2015, NXP acquired Freescale to strengthen its position in automotive electronics, and other fast-growing chip markets, including wearable devices and health monitors.
• NXP’s new IoT platform for wearables development, called Hexiwear, features the company’s own Kinetis K6x MCU, sensors, and a battery charger chip.
• NXP also offers an IoT gateway reference design which helps to control IoT nodes in applications such as building/home management, smart cities, and networked industrial devices. The gateway is powered by NXP’s QorIQ LS1021A communication processor running Linux/OpenWRT, offers six GbE ports, and accepts Arduino Shields for expansion.
• In addition, NXP offers the JN516X-EK001 evaluation kit which makes it easy to develop IoT solutions using ZigBee, JenNet-IP or RF4CE remote control. The kit comes pre-configured with various demos including ZigBee Light Link demo that gives the designer remote control of color LEDs, a ZigBee Smart Energy demo, a JenNet-IP-based Smart Lighting demo and an RF4CE demo for smart remote control applications.

IoT Page:
HQ: Eindhoven, Netherlands

48. Schneider Electric

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, IoT Software, Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation, for buildings, cities, energy grids, industry and homes. The firm covers everything from sensors, to hardware, to software, and analytics for the IoT.

• Schneider Electric offers an industrial automation software, called Wonderware, for IoT. It is used to offer real-time insights and improve operations in diverse industries, including automotive assembly, mining and metals, power, oil and gas, water and wastewater, chemicals etc. Wonderware was part of Invensys plc, a firm which was acquired in 2014 by Schneider Electric.

• The firm offers a diverse range of proximity, pressure and presence sensors for enabling IoT. For instance, the firm’s OsiSense range is suitable for industrial applications such as material handling, assembly machines, robotics, machine-tools, food and beverage, and packaging.

• For building automation, the firm offers the ARGUS movement and presence detectors which can add security and improve energy-efficiency of intelligent buildings.

• A range of Gateways, switches and routers are also available to connect industrial devices to the IoT. For instance, FactoryCast Gateway ETG 3000 helps connect serial or legacy devices on Ethernet TCP/IP infrastructures, as well as perform remote control and monitoring.

• Schneider recently launched Link150, an Ethernet Gateway which provides fast, reliable Modbus to ethernet conversion for providing Ethernet connectivity to devices utilising the Modbus protocol to help them in energy management. These devices include energy and power meters, circuit monitors, protective relays and motor controls.

• The firm also offers OptiM2M, a complete machine-to-machine (M2M) remote monitoring solution which helps to remotely view and analyze incoming machine data anytime, from anywhere in the world, using smart phone or laptop.

• In May 2016, the firm opened a Silicon Valley Innovation Center and partnered with firms like Digital Lumens, PlanetEcosystems Inc. and OhmConnect to focus on applications related to energy management and the Internet of Things.

• The firm partnered with Silicon valley startup Digital Lumens to add its smart, connected sensors and LED lighting solutions to its EcoBuildings offering, hoping to help its customers reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90 percent.

IoT page: http://software.schneider- internet-of-things/
HQ: Rueil-Malmaison, France

49. Texas Instruments (TI)

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity

Big chipmaker TI is leading the way in the IoT space with its diverse IoT ecosystem for applications in home and building automation, wearables, automotive, healthcare, and more.

• TI’s IoT-ready solutions include microcontrollers, processors, wireless connectivity, analog signal chain and power management.
• The company’s wide MCU ecosystem includes its popular ultra-low power MSP430 devices which help preserve battery life in IoT applications.
• For those who are looking to create an IoT solution that embeds Wi-Fi, SimpleLink Wi-Fi MCUs offer an “Internet-on-a-chip” solution helping to develop an entire application with a single IC.
• TI also offers LaunchPads and BoosterPacks utilising the existing TI MCU ecosystem. These are low-cost MCU evaluation kits and plug-in modules for quick development.
• In addition, TI’s free apps for iOS and Android offer easy connectivity to the cloud.
• The firm has a vast ecosystem of cloud service providers which support a wide variety of TI devices to enable a quick and easy connection to the cloud.
• TI also claims to offer the industry’s most extensive reference design library to support a range of IoT applications.
• For smart home application, the ZigBee Home Automation IoT Gateway reference design enables remote monitoring and control of ZigBee powered nodes and devices inside the home via smartphones or tablets.

IoT Page: internet_of_things/iot- overview.html
HQ: Texas, USA

50. National Instruments

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, IoT Software, Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Test & Measurement 

NI helps IoT test engineers meet the testing challenges of tomorrow by providing them with the smart automated test equipment (ATE) and virtual instrumentation software used in wireless sensor networks.
• NI’s flagship product, LabVIEW, helps engineers with a unique graphical development environment to create and test IoT devices.
• Airbus used NI’s System on Module solutions (NI SOM) to implement industrial IoT solutions (smart tools). These smart tools have intelligence to perform different manufacturing processes such as drilling, measuring, and quality data logging, and offer real-time decision making to improve efficiency in a manufacturing environment.
• In collaboration with IBM, NI created the industry’s first condition monitoring and predictive maintenance testbed for the Internet of Things (loT). The cloud-based environment combined NI’s monitoring and data acquisition capabilities with IBM’s analytics tools to help companies better monitor complex automation devices, predict failures and help reduce maintenance costs.

IoT Page: internet-of-things/
HQ: Texas, USA

51. Sandisk

Enabler: Electronics Hardware

SanDisk designs storage products used in smartphones, cameras, data centers, tablets, PCs, automobiles, and more. The firm’s flash solutions are designed to suit the harsh environments that are prevalent in the IoT space.

• The new ‘SanDisk Automotive’ and ‘SanDisk Industrial’ flash storage solutions address the vast data generated by connected IoT applications in automotive and industrial markets.
• SanDisk’s Industrial SD and microSD cards suit a myriad applications such as industrial IoT gateways and security cameras.
• Camera storage solutions feature high intensity recording, easy storage and retrieval of data and ability to handle different resolutions of video, making them ideally suited for enabling smart cities.
• Latest automotive SD card from Sandisk claims various smart features for the “connected car”. These include durability in all-terrain environments that cars face and managing storage in data-intensive automotive environments.

IoT Page:
HQ: California, USA

52. ST Microelectronics

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

ST has been a pioneer in enabling IoT by helping designers implement the latest technologies in wearable, smartphones, automobiles, and other applications.

• ST’s comprehensive ecosystem includes solutions for IoT sensor objects, low-power MCUs, wireless communication, motor-control chips, USB PD controller ICs, and EEPROMs for industrial equipment.
• ST has already released around 26 types of Nucleo boards based on its STM32 MCUs and 22 types of X-Nucleo extension boards, complemented with the STM32Cube software development tool for faster prototyping of applications including IoT.
• A key highlight of the ST’s sensing technology is its latest ToF (time of flight) distance sensor which offers high accuracy and greater range for the creation of new applications for robots, drones, and wearable devices.
• Latest technologies announced by ST help in securing transactions over NFC and fingerprint authentication in wearables.
• ST also provides solutions for smart driving including ADAS, car connectivity and security products.

Iot Page:
HQ: Geneva, Switzerland

53. BeaconsTalk

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

With mobile becoming the center of the consumer’s universe, Mumbai-based IoT startup BeaconsTalk is offering a proximity marketing ad platform called BeaconsTalk Ad Exchange, which has the ability to communicate with mobile customers at the right time to influence their shopping decisions.

  • BeaconsTalk has rolled out various types of sensors including GPS, WiFi, Beacon Bluetooth low energy and NFC across shopping centers, malls, and food and beverage outlets. These sensors collect the precise location and information about shoppers to help brands offer targeted advertising.
  • As sensors detect customer’s proximity to various goods, advertisers get to know the information about the goods a customer is interested in and relavant notifications are sent on their smartphones. For instance, if a person is shopping a handbag, the product sends handbag-related ads such as push messages and offers.
  • In April 2016, the firm said it has already deployed 1,500 sensors and hopes to up that number to 10,000 by October. The firm has also tied up with numerous apps which get access to the BeaconsTalk server where shoppers’ information gets stored.
  • The firm is currently present in Mumbai and Bangalore, and is also planning to enter Gurgaon, Pune and Hyderabad.
  • Some clients include an international premium denim brand, a leading Indian gourmet store chain and a leading Indian mall operator.

HQ: Mumbai, India
IoT page:

54. Reve Automation Llp

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Kits

Incepted in 2012, Gujarat-based Reve Automation Llp builds and sells a range of products to turn industries, homes, hospitals and vehicles across India smarter and connected.

  • With its focus on security and sensors communication, the firm offers a range of sensors and sensor project kits. Some of these include Acceleration/Vibration/Tilt Sensor 3-axis, PIR motion sensor module, humidity sensor, roller shutter sensor, glass sensor and glass break sensors.
  • Catering to the demands of today’s security systems, the firm offers a PIR Immune Motion Detector which is able to ignore the detection of domestic pets up to 18 kgs (40 lb) and thus reduce the likelihood of a false alarm.
  • The firm has developed a vibration measuring sensor Reve_Vib_011 intended for vibration measurement in the rugged environments of industrial machinery, Tables and surfaces, Racks and Panels, and vehicles.
  • Also available from the firm are a wide range of development boards and kits for rapid prototyping of IoT projects. Some of them include boards based on ATmel 89 series MCUs and Microchip PIC 18F4520.

HQ: Gujarat, India
IoT Page:

55. Sasken Technologies Limited

Enabler: IoT Software, Cloud and Analytics Solutions, Development Kits

Indian product engineering firm Sasken Technologies Limited, formerly called Sasken Communication, focused on communication as its key vertical. The firm recently changed its name to cater to the growing opportunities in areas including automotive, smart devices and wearables, industrials, enterprises, satellite, and retail.

  • Sasken is working with players in the IoT space to build next gen smart products and wearable solutions, Key verticals served by the firm include connected home, connected vehicles, industrial applications, and consumer IoT segment such as smart devices and wearables.
  • Sasken’s latest IoT solutions include a multi-framework home gateway and a connected car gateway.
  • The new voice-enabled multi-framework home gateway solution is designed using Intel Edison board and can be used for safety/security, utilities management like water leakage, smart appliances control, smart entertainment, vehicle connectivity, etc.
  • The firm says its home gateway solves interoperability challenges brought by a variety of edge devices and connectivity technologies based on different protocols in a house, and eliminates the need to have multiple bridges/applications for each device.
  • Some capabilities of the home gateway are support for voice-based virtual assistants, automatic device detection without reconfiguration, sensor/actuator configuration and control and data analysis using Intel Analytic cloud.
  • Sasken’s connected car gateway optimises multiple functions like infotainment and telematics into a single unit. It has the following features: eCall, B-call Vehicle tracking, climate control, remote locking, intrusion detection, collecting vehicle performance parameters and uploading to Amazon cloud for performing analytics, etc.
  • The car gateway can also detect a hack in the electronics control unit (ECU) and determine the rogue ECU while degrading its functionality.
  • Leveraging its expertise in sensors, connectivity, cloud, analytics, and low power connectivity technologies like BLE, Wi-Fi, USB, 3G/LTE, the firm has helped OEMs in the integration of new sensors, cameras and displays to power and performance optimization in smart devices and wearables.
  • Sasken has developed mobile applications for devices of different form factors with various operating systems such as Android, Tizen, Windows and iOS. One example is the golf and cricket technique app for Tizen, iOS & Android based wearables.
  • Sasken is building a wearable SDK solution, running on Intel, Freescale, and Qualcomm chipsets, that helps OEMs to significantly accelerate wearable product development. The SDK is built on popular OS such as Zephyr, Linux, and Android Wear for applications like health and fitness and industrial safety
  • Sasken offers an extensive range of wireless protocol stacks for the next-gen of wireless devices. The firm’s IP have been deployed in billions of mobile handsets, car infotainment systems and network equipment.
  • Recently, wireless data solutions firm Enfora selected Sasken’s GSM/GPRS Protocol Stack for it’s GPRS high-speed wireless modem.IoT Page:
    HQ: Bangalore, India


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