The Leading Players of IoT


16. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

Enabler: Development Tools, Cloud and Analytics Solutions

HDS is a storage solution firm which is rapidly emerging in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

• HDS recently said that “as big data, cloud and machine learning become dominant, storage technologies often become automated and complex.” Therefore, it is focusing on expanding its proficiency in advanced data analytics, IoT and connected intelligence to become more than ‘just a storage company’.

• The firm’s big data analytics solutions help organizations transform vast quantities of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources into knowledge through the application of advanced data analytics, connected intelligence from IoT devices, and operational technologies (OT).

• In June 2015, HDS acquired Pentaho, a firm focusing on data integration, visualization and analytics. This moved HDS forward in the emerging IoT movement.

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17. Intel

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Connectivity

One of the key enablers of IoT, leading chipmaker Intel is best known for its processors which offer the required compute performance for varied applications in IoT.

  • While its Quark processors offer low-power computing for a variety of small form factor applications, the Atom chips provide stunning graphics performance.
  • Intel also makes several open source boards, such as Intel Galileo, which is compatible with Arduino shields. You can use the Galileo board to build advanced IoT projects such as a centralized image-recognition system.
  • The firm also offers inexpensive single-board computers for the IoT such as the Quark MCU Developer Kit D2000, for industrial equipment and wearables.
  • Another pillar of the company’s IoT solutions is its Gateway solutions which allow legacy and new devices to communicate with each other and the cloud.
  • To catch the waves in the automotive IoT sector, Intel bought two IoT automobile companies— Arynga and Yogitech.

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HQ: California, USA

18. Microsoft

Enabler: IT Infrastructure, Electronics Hardware, Development Tools, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Microsoft is serious about IoT. The fact can be gauged from the range of solutions the firm has to offer.

  • Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite is a one-stop-shop platform to cloud-enable legacy and new industrial equipment. The platform helps businesses with — data and device management, insights, machine learning, and ability to control the equipment remotely. These capabilities make Azure to have a customer base across a number of verticals – manufacturing, connected car, connected health, oil and gas, etc.
  • Customers can use Azure IoT suite’s data analysis to identify problems before they lead to failures instead of waiting for equipment to break down, which saves the company’s time and money.
  • In addition, Microsoft offers a handful of new Azure IoT Starter Kits to target students, businesses, fleet operators, etc. with Windows or Linux experience, to quickly build IoT prototypes.
  • Microsoft has continued to embrace the evolving IoT movement with its Windows 10 I.oT Core — a flavor of Windows 10 designed to run on a spectrum of compact devices from Raspberry Pi to industrial devices to consumer computing devices. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “Windows has been re-architected to give it a central role in the Internet of Things. Windows 10 is integral in managing every aspect of the IoT, from the sensors, mechanical systems, to the applications and analytics that underlie it.”

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