The Leading Players of IoT


5. AT&T

Enabler: Connectivity, Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Development Tools

AT&T’s IoT innovations are quite tied to its cellular network, which connects machines, fleet vehicles, factories, shipping containers, and even pallets, across multiple industries. In addition, AT&T offers both service management platforms and developer platforms for the IoT.

  • The firm already offers millions of cellular connections to major carmakers including Tesla, Audi and GM – giving it a big position in the automotive arena. AT&T’s plug-in vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots – the ZTE Mobley and Car Connection 2.0 – offer LTE speeds which enable in-car services such as Internet radio, weather reports, video streaming, and more.
  • Smart Cities is another key area where AT&T is innovating. In early 2016, AT&T said it is launching a smart city framework in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago. This IoT smart city framework now connects everything from utility meters, street lights, water systems, infrastructure and citizen engagement, to transportation and public safety.
  • AT&T Control Center is its service management platform which provides web portals and APIs to benefit businesses and customers with services such as flexible bill options, troubleshooting connectivity problems, customer support, etc.
  • AT&T’s developer platforms for IoT include AT&T Drive, M2X and Flow Designer. AT&T Drive is a connected car platform which is designed to be modular and flexible to allow carmakers improve features such as safety, diagnostics, entertainment and security for customers. AT&T’s M2X Data Service is designed for large-scale industrial IoT applications and its Flow Designer is a web-based development environment for prototyping IoT and M2M devices.
  • In addition, AT&T recently launched what it claims as the smallest Cat-1 module for compact LTE IoT devices used in smart cities, wearables and industrial IoT applications.

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6. Bosch

Enabler: Development Tools, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

German engineering firm Bosch is a leading vendor of Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions. Bosch bets that its future – whose products range from auto parts and industrial tools to home appliances and monitoring systems – rests on the IoT.

  • Bosch has launched its own cloud to accelerate its efforts to develop smartcars, smarthomes and intelligent manufacturing. Some applications include sensors to help drivers identify available parking spaces, and systems which lets users connect their cars, dishwashers, door alarms and other appliances to the internet and control them by a smartphone or tablet.
  • The software core of Bosch’s new cloud is its own IoT Suite, which it describes as a highly efficient cloud-based IoT platform equipping all the functions necessary to connect devices, users, and companies.
  • As per Bosch, there are already five million-plus devices connected to its IoT Suite. The platform has been used in enabling smart factories that lets companies connect traditional production machinery on a secure cloud.
  • The solution uses ‘Big data management’ to allow enormous amounts of data to be analyzed. It can store rules for automatic decisions – such as “when to report patterns of wear and tear and preventive action taken to service machinery.”

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