The Leading Players of IoT


10. eInfochips

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Kits, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

eInfochips, a California-based firm, helps the development of Next-Gen Smart IoT solutions with its IoT framework called ‘IoT Xcelerator’.

• ‘IoT Xcelerator framework’ encapsulates the full maturity cycle of IoT development from smart sensors and gateways to cloud and smart analytics. The solution has helped in developing many innovative solutions such as smart cameras, smart transit systems, remote healthcare dispenser systems, and smart kiosks.

• The firm offers the Eragon product line ideal for many IoT applications including industrial and building automation, security systems, wearables, etc. Examples include Eragon 410 SoM (System-on-module) and Eragon 600 SoM along with associated development kits.

• Eragon 410 is a high performance SoM using power-efficient Snapdragon 410 processor. The module is low-cost and has ultra-small form factor (35mm x 26mm) making it ideal for many IoT devices, including wearables.

• eInfochips recently collaborated with RoHM to develop a smart IoT camera reference design.

• As part of its IoT ventures, the firm is also participating to work on the global IoT network called ZigBee Alliance.

IoT Page: https://www.einfochips. com/solutions/internet-of- things-iot.html
HQ: California, USA

11. Dell

Enabler: IT Infrastructure, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Dell recently joined the IoT bandwagon with its first product for industrial IoT, an IoT gateway to collect and process sensor data while keeping it secure.

  • The gateway supports analytics at the edge of the network. Processing data sitting at the network edge allows making decisions faster, for instance, triggering a call for proactive equipment maintenance. This reduces the time and cost associated with transferring data to the cloud or to a datacenter.
  • Dell also offers new big data and analytics solutions including its advanced analytics software platform and new Analytics-as-a-Service targeting banking, healthcare and insurance.

IoT Page:
HQ: Texas, USA

12. GainSpan

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Development Tools

GainSpan is a semiconductor firm which has demonstrated expertise in low-power Wi-Fi modules and chips geared up for the fast-growing IoT segment. The company’s wireless connectivity solutions are already incorporated in millions of everyday products including weight scales, heart rate monitors, thermostats, door locks, refrigerators, ceiling fans, lighting, wireless speakers, security cameras, and more.

• GainSpan’s solutions are built around its ultra low power Wi-Fi chip (SoC), the GS2000, which the firm claims as the lowest power Wi-Fi solution for the IoT. The technology, according to GainSpan, ‘sleeps’ better and ‘wakes up’ faster than anyone else’s Wi-Fi making it ideal for battery operated devices.

• Gainspan announced a low-cost, compact Wi-Fi Minimodule for the IoT, the GS2200MIZ, which allows developers to add connectivity to their smart products, including industrial devices, smart home, and audio/video applications, such as battery-powered cameras and security systems.

• The company also offers application development kits (ADK) or reference designs which make it easy to add audio and video streaming capabilities to the ever growing number of IoT devices such as Wi-Fi doorbells, IP cameras, car back-up cameras, etc.

• GainSpan recently announced the Apple HomeKit Reference Design for developing Wi-Fi-Enabled, battery-operated Smart Home accessories. The IoT platform is based on the new GS2200M mini module featuring GainSpan’s custom Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SoC).

IoT Page:
HQ: California, USA


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