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Tiny Blinking LED Meets Raspberry Pi Through Javascript

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Why use JavaScript for Internet of Things?

The answer to this is simple as internet does speaks the language of Java. This is the common language interface across the servers and devices in the globe and now Internet of things is also on the bandwagon taking the same lingo. JavaScript has a wide range of libraries, plugins, and APIs  that could be leveraged for Internet of Things for development of code and rapid prototyping. The robustness of JavaScript is that it is reusable in multitudes of client servers unlike the JQuery. Apart fro m all these factors JavaScript is quite good at event driven applications. From this we can infer that fundamentals of Internet of things revolve around events and how the intelligent decision support systems in the background respond to it. which is a module providing real time event based communication across multiple devices is great at this.

Coming to Node.js

Node.js code can run a complete IoT system. It is capable of running on both embedded smart devices and the server-side software. This is an interpreted language which makes it a better match for platforms like Raspberry Pi. DeviceJS is a JavaScript-based development platform for programming sensors and controlling devices.

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