The Leading Players of IoT


3. Analog Devices (ADI)

Enabler: Electronics Hardware, Cloud & Analytics Solutions

Analog Devices (ADI) is an American semiconductor firm hoping to enable IoT with its array of sensing, processing, and connectivity solutions. ADI accelerates IoT in areas such as remote patient monitoring, building automation, material analysis, agriculture, and many more.

• ADI specialises in data conversion technology which accounts for more than 50% of its revenue. ADI’s ADC and DAC data converter chips are used in a range of IoT systems where an accurate signal conversion is critical – such as medical, instrumentation, defense and industrial process control applications.

• The firm recently developed a power management unit (PMU) geared up for faster and more efficient energy harvesting in IoT applications where energy is scarce.

• ADI and LifeQ have collaborated to design smart wearable sensors according to the latest Android Wear requirements. These sensors will power body monitoring solutions that can impact how doctors and patients share information, interact, and make decisions about patient care.

• ADI collaborated with ThingWorx to offer customers an integrated sensor to cloud environment using the ThingWorx IoT Platform which combines connectivity, data storage, analytics and remote service applications. The platform allows companies to create applications and can be applied across a range of markets, including manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation, and government.

• ADI is working with Consumer Physics on a material sensing sensor-to-cloud personal and industrial IoT platform that can analyze a variety of materials such as food, plants, chemicals, human body, etc. The company plans to embed this material sensing technology into smartphones, wearables, industrial, and medical applications.

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4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Enabler: Cloud & Analytics Solutions, Connectivity, Development Tools

AWS, a subsidiary of, entered the IoT space with AWS IoT, which it describes as a “managed cloud-platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.”

  • The platform can handle data generated by billions of those IoT devices such as sensors, actuators and smart appliances. It can work on trillions of messages, where each message is of 512 Kbytes.
  • AWS platform is equipped with all the tools from data ingestion (Kinesis) and processing (Lambda) to storage (DynamoDB), machine learning (ML) and analytics (EMR and Redshift).
  • Amazon also provides ways to store all that data, using Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3) or the Amazon RedShift data warehouse. The data stored is then analyzed to provide real-time metrics and real-time analytics.
  • Many AWS IoT Starter Kits are available for developers to help design of cloud-powered prototypes of IoT devices and connect them securely to AWS IoT. The kits incorporate MCU boards, sensors and actuators, the AWS IoT Device SDK, and a getting started guide. Examples of these kits are Intel Edison and Grove IoT Starter Kit, MediaTek Linkit One IoT Starter Kit, Microchip IoT Starter Kit, TI LaunchPad IoT Starter Kit, etc.

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