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Gnani.ai Launches Collection VoiceBot For BFSI Customers

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  • The company said this voicebot can help banking, financial services and insurance companies
  • It is to be noted here that the lockdown has impeded the manual collection process

Gnani.ai, an AI startup has announced the launch of ‘Gnani Collection VoiceBot, a multilingual conversational voice bot. The Gnani Collection VoiceBot enables an intelligent dialogue between customers and the financial institution using voice assistants on telephony lines.

“The lockdown has impeded the manual collection process. But with our multilingual VoiceBot in place, many BFSI companies across the country are transitioning the collection process to an online medium. We believe our Collection Bot will make the payment services accessible to even more customers without a language and device constraint”, said Ganesh Gopalan, CEO of Gnani.ai.

Multilingual conversational AI

Gnani collection VoiceBot is built with an aim to leverage latest AI technologies to help BFSI customers digitize manual collection processes by using bots to automate customer support calls, manage outbound call campaigns and push the payments to online modes, away from manual payment collection.

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“The Gnani Collection VoiceBot can address any query on telephony lines be it from a feature phone or a smart phone and in multiple languages. The current uncertain environment and the lockdown across the country has impacted insurance renewals, credit loan EMI payments and credit card payments. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance customers have been focusing on reducing manual collections in the last few years, but the current crisis has made it mandatory that companies embark on automation of reminders and online payments at a war footing,” read company’s official statement.

It is just not possible to use physical agents for collection and customer care centers are also working at a limited capacity. Gnani.ai’s multilingual conversational AI is helping financial institutions tide over the crisis. The Gnani Collection VoiceBot on telephone lines uses conversational AI to have an intelligent conversation with the customer, answering her queries, understand topics such as the RBI moratorium process and helping her make payments.

“This voice bot is being used by a number of banking, insurance, and credit loan institutions to address large volumes of routine customer service requests that do not require a physical agent and provide 24*7 customer support. Our visual dashboards also give customers the ability to monitor the progress of the calls continuously and help monitor the business impact in real time”, said Ananth Nagaraj, co-founder and CTO, Gnani.ai.

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