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Welcome Embedded SIMs (eSIMs): Hook Your Phone & Wearable To One SIM

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Marking an exciting new era in the future of wearables, the new embedded SIM card technology from Telstra allows customers to make/receive phone calls, and check/send text messages, from their companion wearable device without needing their smartphone with them. Aiming to gear up cargo handling operations, Cargotec is leveraging an innovative IoT solution developed by Cloudera. Further adding to the wearables, smartohones and IoT space, Kyocera has developed ultra-small quartz crystal units leveraging unique technology.

Telstra Offers eSIM For Wearables

Telstra says now you can hook up your phone and wearable to the same phone number. The company has come up with its “Telstra One Number” product which uses embedded SIM (eSIM) card technology to allow customers use the same phone number across their wearables as they use on their smartphones. The eSIM tech uses a permanently fitted SIM which is around 10 times smaller than a nano SIM. eSIM allows wearables to connect without needing the smartphone’s Bluetooth. The just released Apple Watch Series 3 also has an eSIM. Read more.

Smarter Cargo Flow Using IoT

Offering huge opportunities for cargo handling industry, Cargotec Oyj is leveraging an advanced analytics and machine learning platform built by Cloudera and TCS. The solution will derive insights from thousands of cargo handling equipment and machinery to enable remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.  It will allow Cargotec to help its customers recognize how their cargo handling equipment are performing in different weather conditions, understand how usage relates to failure rates, and even detect anomalies in transport systems. Read more.

Ultra-compact Crystal Units For Smartphones, Wearables And IoT

Kyocera developed ultra-small quartz crystal units for smartphones, wearable devices and innovative IoT solutions. The ultra-high-precision quartz wafers were developed by combining the unique technology of Kyocera piezoelectric analysis and the plasma CVM technology developed by Dr. Yamamura, a professor at Osaka University. The company has received the 42nd Inoue Harushige Prize for this innovative development on July 25, 2017. Read more.

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