A Utopian World Designed By Smart Cities


Any examples of smart city implementation in Europe and elsewhere and what are the technologies ST is offering to such implementation?

ST participated to Expo Milano 2015 with its partner ENEL to demonstrate innovative digital technologies. A “smart city” model was developed by means of innovative communication technologies, services and energy efficiency to show how these contribute to a better environment and quality of life. The Expo site is a “digital smart city”, whose citizens are the visitors. They can combine real and virtual experiences by participating actively in the exhibition and receiving detailed information on topics of interest, via their smart phones.

ST also participated in European Utility Week in Vienna in November2015 where we demonstrated how to deliver smart solutions for power and energy management for Smart cities. At our booth we demonstrated Future-Proof Smart-Grid Solutions with our STCOMET Power Line Communication Platform, which integrates three cores (power-line communication, microprocessor and metering function) plus a security engine that function together and can be programmed to satisfy local market requirements. This modular approach has enabled us to develop four products for Smart Grid programs since we launched STCOMET product at EUW last year. We have also obtained new standard certification extending the bandwidth to 500 kHz for Prime and G3, generating strong interest. STCOMET is being implemented in France in a program called SOGRID with ERDF / SAGEMCOM and NEXANS in the city of Toulouse. Successful experiments have been made passing communication signals over the medium voltage of the GRID. This project attracted a lot of interest in Vienna, and many customers are interested in the capabilities offered by our solution. The G3 Alliance, the Prime Alliance and the Meters & More Alliance were all displaying our STCOMET boards European Utility Week covers all major value streams from transmission to the end-user. ST and our partner A.P. Systems showed solutions in smart metering and smart lighting. ST’s technology allows A.P. Systems to keep the cutting-edge technology role that is well recognized by the market and ensures reduced time-to-market, highest quality and increased reliability in the available solutions.

At the Smart City Exhibition from October2015 in Bologna, we showed how our continuously evolving products and platforms enable efficient and sustainable electric smart grids and cutting-edge technology. Smart cities combine protection of the environment, energy efficiency and economic sustainability in a single urban model to improve quality of life and create new services for residents and local authorities. Our Smart City solutions enable the most modern network management and control systems, smart grids, electricity, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, climate monitoring, parking, traffic, waste management, and smart street lighting. These main nodes monitor and communicate environmental changes and incidents to big data management systems. Each city can build its own management system displayed on a single dashboard.

ST shares a vision with Tatung, Taiwan’s leading electronics company for smart home, building and city solutions. Internet of Things (IoT) allows people to transform regular systems into smart objects and systems. Leveraging the strength of both companies, Tatung and ST are developing a range of products from gateways to sensors to OEM modules to fuel the growth in smart buildings and grids. And by leveraging HomePlug AV/GP power line communication, we can create an overlay infrastructure with wireless sensor hubs that can almost instantly transform regular infrastructures into smart systems. The government is actively promoting the construction of smart cities throughout Taiwan. Today more than 1,000 smart city projects are underway. The Universal Developer Kit (UDK-21) launched by Tatung and ST was showcased at the exhibition. It is a universal platform for smart home and building applications like electric vehicle charging management, smart LED lighting, smart grid and home monitoring. It is powered by our STreamPlug ST2100 system on chip (SoC).

The Smart Grid end-to-end program in Toulouse, France includes, smart meters, energy sensors, renewable energy, electric vehicles and demand control management where real-time data is communicated through G3-PLC using our STCOMET over ERDF power grid.


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