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The Big Billion Game Called “IMPACT”

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Nokia, who has seen the highs of technology and acceptance in the connectivity world is now a an unmatched player in the big billion game of Internet Of Things. Nokia is aiming at becoming a connected platform provider for enterprises and governments through its secure, independent application called IMPACT. IMPACT is the abbreviation of “Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things“.

Interestingly Nokia claims that its platform provides end to end security, device management, analytical capabilities, event processing and contextualization for any device. IMPACT includes an update from Motive Connected Device Platform or MCDP which is claimed to manage over 1.5 billion connected devices.

Adding to Nokia’s extended Iot capabilities, the aim is all about integrating the four verticals of:

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  • Applications for Smart Transport, smartcities, smarthones,
  • Healthcare involving Motive Connected Device
  • Platform Infrastructure involving narrow-band and low-power IoT radio solutions
  • Devices and Sensors for acquiring data from end point smart devices

With the new update inside IMPACT, they are integrating all IoT devices under its Nokia’s umbrella, managing about eighty thousand different models which involves home and broadband devices too. The platform capabilities are scalable with extended storage facilities, lightweight security modes using LWM2M Protocols. The LWM2M Provides Device Management functionality over sensor or cellular networks, thus leveraging secure data transfer.

Nokia was popular back in the days when it used to release cell phones that could connect and detect any detect new device or device formats that come to market. IMPACT now adorns such capabilities apart from providing private, public cloud, private cloud, SaaS and transactional business models in its platform infrastructure portfolio for Internet Of Things.

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