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Reekoh and IoTi Partner to Enhance IoT Establishments in Asia

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Reekoh has established a partnership with Malaysian-based IoT systems integration and solution provider, IoT Integrator (IoTi). IoTi comprises of professionals from IT companies such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and NEC, who have come together for IoT implementation. IoTi involves device manufacturers, application developers and connectivity providers for offering end-to-end solutions for customers.

Reekoh has been added to the IoTi Partner Community previously joined by Microsoft, IBM AWS, Bosch, Nokia and Sigfox. IoTi makes use of Reekoh’s IoT Data and API Management tools and integration platform. It focuses on reducing time and cost for the end customer. Also, it builts repeatable models describing how to engage with the broader technology ecosystem.

Using this platform, system integrators will be able to build their own solutions and businesses. Moreover, this will enable them to bring together their partner communities. IoTi’s core business along with the technology partners has been ensuring to provide end-to-end IoT solutions that will bridge the digital divide for SMEs. Also, they have been taking practical steps for facilitating Industry 4.0. The platform will enable integrating data points thereby creating a pathway for organisations to implement cross-domain IoT solutions.

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In the past, Gartner had predicted that, “Through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems. It is vital to understand integration is a crucial IoT competency.”

Reekoh feels that by partnering with IoTi, they will be able to influence markets in Malaysia who deal in IoT technologies.

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