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Verizon Transforms Intelligent Edge Network without Impacting Customer Traffic

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Verizon has come up with a solution to improve customer experience and increase efficiency on its Intelligent Edge Network. The company has been driving customer traffic on the transport network circuit emulation solution from Cisco. In the past, circuit emulation equipment carried speeds up to OC-12, while Cisco’s new platform supports speeds up to OC-192.

The process of circuit emulation involves transport of conventional digital and optical signal rates over a packet-based MPLS network. This does not affect customer traffic and facilitates transmission of legacy services to next-generation infrastructure. Verizon has been working with Cisco to develop, test and implement this solution. The partnership has planned to increase the number of circuits in the coming years. Cisco feels this will promote growth of Ethernet services and improve the reliability of mission critical TDM private line services.

In the 100G U.S. metro network rollout, Verizon had used this technology to aggregate multiple Ethernet and TDM circuits within the same location. Moreover, features such as video streaming, social media, and cloud services have affected the network traffic. It will also improve the Verizon’s cost structure and customer’s digital experience.

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Lee Hicks, vice president for network infrastructure planning for Verizon, said, “In the face of robust customer demand on our network, Verizon’s infrastructure systems must adapt to support current and future needs. By implementing innovative deployments like this high-capacity circuit emulation, Verizon continues to set the bar for the highest standards of network performance and efficiency.”

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