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Honeywell Showcases Advanced Metering Technology for Efficient Energy Usage

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Honeywell has introduced the Alpha 4 meter, a platform that utilizes electricity metering technology. This platform is said to offer greater flexibility, better security and enable the integration of future grid capabilities. The Alpha 4’s support for high-resolution metrology data is combined with advanced analytics. This proves helpful in predicting peak usage, detect power outages and losses such as electricity diversion.

The Alpha 4 is available for both residential as well as commercial applications using point-to-point or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) communications. The platform ensures a stronger smart grid infrastructure which serves the purpose of power distribution for utilities. Apart from operational advancements, this metering technology also addresses support for consumer-facing applications. The platform makes the utilities and their customers understand how to manage energy use and costs. It includes a processor capable of providing rich data, reduce latency and offer more channels to the utilities. This further enables measurement of the electrical instrumentation values. Moreover, it also generates detailed data for the customers.

It is said that the updated version will be capable of storing up to 365 days of data. Also, it will allow integration with the third-party communications modules. Some of the other features of the Alpha 4 meter include Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) compatibility with Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), and Home Area Network (HAN) devices. Also, the meter offers American National Standard Institute (ANSI) C12.22 security standard compatibility that supports current protocol standards.

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Gary Bennett, vice president and general manager of Smart Energy Electricity Americas, Honeywell Process Solutions, said, “The Alpha 4 meter leverages Honeywell’s legacy of metering and innovation to provide excellent metrology processing, market-leading memory capabilities, and a variety of other features. All these capabilities help utilities accomplish their goal of delivering safe, reliable and accurate service to their customers.”

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