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hoopo launches Low-power Geolocation solutions for IoT

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The need to understand and quantify asset location is quickly becoming a requirement for the enterprise and industrial IoT. Addressing the same, hoopo has introduced innovative, accurate geolocation solution for low-power wide area (LPWA) networks. This is to radically improve precision for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) tracking scenario.

The accuracy of today’s low-power geolocation isn’t precise enough to deliver on the full promise of the IoT. Whereas, hoopo’s new geolocation solution enables companies to locate their valuable assets, without the significant cost or battery consumption. Their IoT solutions are capable of helping companies to precisely track specific assets in areas such as ports, vehicle dealer yards, parking lots, cattle ranches and other asset-dense areas.

Based on a patent-pending, triangulation method hoopo’s solutions uses LPWA data transmissions to generate a precise location. The solutions suite includes low-cost LPWA gateways and devices, as well as a platform for management and real-time notifications. Companies can receive on-demand geolocation, establish geofences, receive movement alerts, and more, ensuring the protection of their valuable assets. The long battery life of LPWA devices allows businesses to deploy a maintenance-free device in the field for several years.

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The company also announced it has received $1.5 million in funding to further grow its business from a group of investors, including the initial investors in Mobileye; noted Israeli investor Zohar Gilon; and Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap.    Read more…

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