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Litmus Automation Releases Loop Insights for Efficient Data Handling

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Litmus Automation has released Loop Insights, a live dashboard with the Loop platform for complex IoT analytics and visualization. Loop Insights is a flexible module offered with the Loop platform. This is said to provide information and insight on various IoT projects. Also, it will ensure that all the business users working on an IoT project are on the same page.

As the IoT projects have been expanding, customers are finding it difficult to use data properly to run their businesses. The Loop IoT platform, with Loop Insights, will bring data from the edge to the internal service provider for enhancing business intelligence in real-time. Also, Loop Insights will create derived complex visualizations and undergo analysis for measuring key data and device KPIs. This module is said to be ideal for monitoring downtime and uptime to improve overall equipment effectiveness. Moreover, graph and chart templates enable the users to get started and configure with a simple drag and drop interface. Plus, there is no programming involved. Another feature is white labeling which will help in creating branded dashboards for the users.

The techniques comprise of analytics and machine learning models to facilitate the business users in taking quick decisions. Taking help from Loop Insights, users will be able to derive insights from raw data to further drive end results. With Loop platform, companies will be able to securely connect to hardware, device, sensor or machine to the internet. Also, it will enable integration of data that had been collected with the third party software application or enterprise system (ERP, CRM, big data analytics, dashboards, etc.) in real-time.

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Litmus Automation provides an extensive PaaS for companies that use IoT technology and leverage it for real business challenges. The company has utilized this middleware cloud platform for focusing on the Automotive and Industrial applications. The platform also features an extensive device management suite for deploying and monitoring various IoT systems.

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