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Inseego Corp. Launches the New Integrated Organizational Structure to Empower the Enterprises

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Inseego Corp. has launched a new organizational structure in order to drive the company’s strategic plan. The company will consist of two strategic business units: Enterprise SaaS Solutions and IoT & Mobile Solutions. Both of them will be supported by a single entity i.e. Global Shared Services. It has been said that the new structure will enhance the mobile devices and cloud platforms. Also, the company feels this will increase the customer engagement in growth markets, accelerate the development of new products and improve operational efficiency.

Inseego’s new plan is to implement a strategic plan and product roadmap which utilizes internal development and select global technology partners for improving the product innovation cycles. The main focus of the business units has been in providing end-to-end solutions such as stand-alone wireless devices and cloud platform applications. The company aims to increase the number of new products such as 5G residential broadband gateways, wireless industrial gateways, smart IoT devices and new cloud solutions. The devices will serve functions like high growth asset tracking and management verticals, for example aviation. This integrated organization referred to as “Inseego 2.0” will be crucial for increasing the shareholder value as quoted by the experts.

As per Inseego Corp., its SaaS Solutions, including Ctrack and DMS brands will help reduce asset lifecycle costs, improve productivity, enhance security and safety, and dramatically reduce asset downtime. They will ensure a better return-on-investment (ROI) for asset management and service provider customers. Inseego wants to capitalise on the aviation asset management market for undergoing new engagements with airports, airlines and ground service equipment (GSE) operators.

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In the past, we have seen Inseego IoT & Mobile Solutions, including MiFi and Skyus brands, have been delivering solutions to the consumers, enterprises and service provider customers. Current customers seek Inseego solutions for several IoT and mobile applications. The applications include remote monitoring, city infrastructure management, mobile broadband, industrial IoT, SD WAN failover and smart grid management. Since the arrival of 5G technology, there has been an expansion in the consumer markets and the enterprises which are utilizing technologies like residential broadband gateways, industrial automation, massive machine connectivity and autonomous vehicles.

Global Shared Services deals in critical IT infrastructure, supply chain, procurement and finance services. In addition to providing support for business unit, the Global Shared Services wants to bring in processes that will ensure cost reduction and business process improvement projects.

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