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ROHM and Litmus Automation Partner to Facilitate IoT Solutions for Smart Factories

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ROHM has partnered with Litmus Automation for providing IoT solutions for smart factories that will combine ROHM sensor and sub-GHz technologies employing Litmus Automation’s LoopEdge gateway and LoopCloud platform. Several ROHM sensors nodes have been installed in industrial and factory equipment for monitoring various parameters. It is said that this will help improve the performance and prevent unexpected failures thereby serving as an IoT solution for smart factories. The processing of sensor data is done using ARM M0 and M3 core MCUs. It is sent via Wi-SUN for collection and analysis at the Edge with Litmus Automation’s LoopEdge platform. Thereafter, the data is transmitted to LoopCloud for undergoing real-time monitoring and machine learning.

ROHM feels Litmus Automation’s software will provide an optimized end-to-end IoT solution for the industrial space. The collaboration aims at achieving a flexible, fully connected system, with Digital Twins in the Cloud. This technology will replicate the physical systems while reducing energy consumption and downtime due to unexpected failures. The recent demonstrations featured a tabletop Smart Factory demo and interactive Gumball Machine integrating an Arduino MCU. The MCU can be integrated with ROHM’s color sensor, motor driver, Wi-SUN module, and sensor shield for communication with an Intel NUC powered by LoopEdge. The sensor data will be streamlined to LoopCloud for real-time analysis, control, and visualization. Moreover, PLC will be used for control of system power.

Vatsal Shah, CEO and co-founder of Litmus Automation, said, “Through this partnership, ROHM will be able to bring the full value of LoopEdge and LoopCloud for industrial applications. ROHM is a market leader with a proven track record, which will help us deliver immediate value to this key sector.”

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