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IBM lends support to Rotterdam Port to get Smart

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The shipping industry is embarking on its latest innovation journey of connected shipping. The Port of Rotterdam Authority in the Netherlands has partnered with IBM to become a Smart Port. The process is to transform its operational environment using Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud-based technologies. The multi-year digitisation programme will enable the port’s entire 42km site to accommodate connected ships in future.

The initial phase of the programme will focus on centralising dashboard application to gather and process real-time water (hydro) and weather (meteo) sensor data. Not only this, but communications information will also be taken care by the dashboard. The IBM’s Cloud-based IoT platform analyses this collected data and then convert it into useful information to assist the Port of Rotterdam in making important decisions.

Besides IBM, names like Cisco and Axians will also be involved in building Smart port. The information is expected to help the port reduce waiting times and determine optimal times for ships to dock, load and unload, as well as host a greater amount of ships within the available space. Furthermore, the entire digitisation process is anticipated to allow the port to conduct safer and more efficient traffic management operations.

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Port of Rotterdam Authority chief financial officer Paul Smits said, “Speed and efficiency is essential to our business and requires us to use all of the data available to us.” The Port of Rotterdam currently handles more than 461 million tonnes of cargo and over 140,000 vessels every year.   Read more…

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