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Battery-free IoT Wireless Sensors from BRIDG

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Good news for the industry, which has been facing the challenge of the cost, inconvenience, and inaccessibility associated with battery replacement in various Internet of Things (IoT) sensor applications. The collaboration between, BRIDG and Face International will bring the patented Evercell power cells source to enable IoT sensor-based applications to operate on harvested energy without batteries.

According to the company officials, an Evercell demonstration device has been operating continuously for 16 months with undiminished performance, producing enough electrical output to power a typical wireless sensor. This is because, the Evercell technology is designed to harvest thermal energy in any environment. Thus, Evercell power cells are inexpensive to produce, consume no fuel, have no moving parts, and contain no toxic materials.

“In driving the continued expansion of the IoT, the promise of the Evercell technology could address an unmet annual demand for tens of billions of IoT devices relying on batteries that otherwise could not be deployed,” said Dan Holladay, Director, Strategic Partnerships, BRIDG.

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As part of the collaboration to commercialize the Evercell technology, BRIDG and Face intend to cooperatively undertake technology validation for product integration development and prototype manufacturing of Evercell power cells at its NeoCity campus, with the goal to achieve mass production by 2019.

“BRIDG will be able to assist Face with its capabilities to provide continued development and assist in creating solutions to overcome the manufacturing demand for Evercell,” Holladay said.
The collaboration could result in the development of the initial prototype manufacturing line for the Evercell power cells at the BRIDG facility located in NeoCity.    Read more…

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