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Tiny GPS Antenna Under The Players’ Jersey Boosts Tracking Performance

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GPS Antenna Under The Players’ Jersey Boosts Tracking Performance

Ever wonder what are those things that players wear under their jerseys during practice? Well, that’s a GPS system for player tracking and analysis during their training and games to boost performance. One firm excelling in such GPS player tracking equipment, STATSports, recently said that it has chosen Taoglas’ GPS patch antenna for its Apex-line of sports performance monitors. This antenna is claimed to work even in the most challenging of situations and helps the device deliver location accuracy within 1 meter, and is hoped to eventually improve players’ performance. More details.

IoT Development Kit Enlivens India’s Smart City Vision

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Geared for enhancing smart city development in India, u‑blox and IoT firm Atoll Solutions have launched an IoT starter kit for developing nodes and gateways based on LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT. The starter kit is based on u-blox’s LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT modules. Atoll’s spokesperson further noted: “narrowband LTE has the power to add affordable and reliable connectivity to a wide range of assets, creating truly Smart Cities through Smart Lighting and Smart Metering.” More details. 

One-click Parking Payment For Connected Car Drivers Made Easy!

In a bid to make one-click parking payments for connected car drivers easier, Tantalum is working with SAP to integrate SAP Vehicles Network into Tantalum’s Pay.Car end-to-end payment platform for connected cars. This will help drivers to find an available parking space quickly and pay securely without needing to find spare coins or load a separate app on their phone. In addition, customers will be better able to save time and reduce fuel consumption by navigating efficiently to an available parking space, thereby reducing harmful CO2 and NOx emissions, according to the announcement. More details.





Vodafone Joins Open-source Community To Ease Deployment Of Digital Home & Smart Gateways 

In order to foster innovation in the digital home and smart gateways, mobile giant Vodafone is working together with open-source IoT consortium prpl. The firm hopes that open-source software and open standards will accelerate the harmonisation of software platforms for the deployment of in-home devices like routers. More details. 

Have Fun Chatting With Your Home Appliances On Your Mobile Messenger!

Smart home appliances equipped with features such as LG HomeChat and SmartThinQ will be introduced in India this year, LGEI recently said. This will enable consumers to control and operate home appliances such as washing machine, air conditioners and refrigerators through smartphones. The company is in talks with several mobile network providers for data connectivity in order to connect different appliances to the internet.

Wireless VR To Storm Data Networks, Grow 650% By 2021!

Wireless VR headsets are all up in the news lately. According to a new report from Juniper Research, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets’ (both smartphone-based and standalone) data consumption will grow by over 650% over the next 4 years, from nearly 2,800PB (Petabytes) in 2017 to over 21,000PB in 2021, leaving data networks strained. This is said to be equivalent to a massive three billion hours of 4K video streaming! More details.


BeagleBone Green Wireless IoT Prototyping Kit Now Available! 

Seeed Studio’s BeagleBone Green Wireless internet of things (IoT) developer prototyping kit for the Google Cloud Platform is now available from Mouser. Together with and Google, the kit collects various types of sensors and actuators used in internet-equipped devices. The sensor and actuator modules are plug-and-play and fully compatible with the BeagbleBone Green Wireless Board. The kit includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE).  More details.



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