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Accelerite Launches an Enterprise Cloud to Boost the Infrastructures

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Accelerite has announced the availability of a product suite, Rovius Cloud Appliance. It is an enterprise cloud that has been developed on Dell EMC infrastructure. Rovius Cloud Appliance assists on-premises infrastructure and public cloud to address distributed, elastic and unpredictable workloads.

Rovius Cloud Appliance is a pre-configured, certified hardware that eliminates compatibility issues. The platform delivers a cloud with three compute servers in a 2U compact form factor. It can be integrated with users’ enterprise storage of choice. The suite includes a control plane capable of customizable computation and storage. This will enable the users to start small and become flexible as per the needs. The platforms suit the development and delivery of enterprise cloud managed service. The Rovius Cloud Appliance suite features a Rovius Controller with each capable of handling up to 500 Rovius Compute Nodes. The Rovius Compute Node provides compute infrastructure that can run 150 virtual machines. Moreover, there are Rovius Storage Nodes comprising of storage ranging from 12TB to 144TB.

Rovius Cloud compiles on-premises applications and data with public clouds. These include AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Rovius Ops Manager handles the Rovius Appliance based hybrid cloud.This managing platform undergoes functions such as resource discovery, integrated deep infrastructure monitoring, log analytics, performance monitoring and capacity planning. Features such as remote debugging and instant resolution will address issues related to stability for IT management and system administrators. The Rovius Cloud Appliance can be deployed across multiple sites with different requirements.

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Ron Pugh, vice president and general manager for the Americas, Dell EMC OEM Solutions, said, “Customers today are looking for IT solutions that are scalable, automated and secure while optimizing a diverse range of workloads both traditional and cloud native. Dell EMC OEM solutions and Accelerite, will deliver technology that enable customers to thrive in any IT environment be it on-premises or the cloud.”

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