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AI and Machine Learning will Facilitate Monitoring of Blood Pressure

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ROHM and Equate Health partner to launch cuffless optical blood pressure monitor which integrates ROHM’s 2nd generation heart rate sensor with Equate Health’s AI and machine learning tools. In the past, we have seen that sphygmomanometer used to block the artery before performing measurement while releasing pressure. This solution monitors blood pressure using ROHM’s BH1792GLC optical heart rate sensor that consumes 0.44mA of current during measurement. It has 1024Hz sampling rate and integrated optical filter. These help in maintaining the level of accuracy and undergo low power pulse detection. The sensor data is processed using Equate Health’s targeted algorithms that make use of AI and machine learning tools.

The company feels this solution will solve the issue of non-compliance among patients and simplify measurement. Also, this will help the patients who are unable to access clinical providers or equipment for determining their blood pressure. Moreover, those suffering with labile hypertension will be able to get help from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

The platform employs techniques such as data analytics and machine learning to bring out health-related solutions. This is done by analyzing key trends, patterns and correlations. The data is also obtained from the evidences, behavioral science and user experience. Strategies such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics facilitate the mobile and cloud based platform in delivering optimal information regarding the health of patients.

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