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Versatile and Cost-efficient Gateway for IoT

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Sigfox’s new IoT gateway ‘Access Station Micro’ offers an immediate network coverage extension to allow businesses to optimize the RoI and performance of their IoT solutions.

Sigfox launched a versatile and cost-efficient gateway ‘Access Station Micro’ to expand its wireless low-power, long-range IoT network coverage to billions of devices. The gateway is developed specifically to address new challenges related to network expansion by optimizing RoI on IoT application deployment in areas such as deep indoor or outdoor remote customer locations.

The gateway features a compact, sleek and weather-resistant design. It comes with an integrated antenna and Power-over-Ethernet capabilities which allow it to be easily installed within minutes and connect to Sigfox’s Cloud via existing Internet access or cellular networks, according to the company.

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Sigfox claims that a single gateway could cover large rural areas, hundreds of square kilometers without efforts. Its extremely low energy consumption enables remote IoT applications where no power source is available with a single small solar panel and a low bandwidth satellite backhaul.

“Access Station Micro enables customers across many industries to quickly expand the reach of Sigfox’s network at an affordable price” says Laetitia Jay, Chief Marketing Officer at Sigfox. “This immediate coverage extension allows businesses to optimize the RoI and performance of their IoT solutions.”

Sigfox Access Station Micro will be available for online purchase. For more information, visit


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