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CrowdStrike Upgrades Platform To Provide Endpoint Detection For Internet of Things Assets

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It provides comprehensive endpoint, workload, data, and identity visibility and protection across your key risk areas.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., a cybersecurity business, stated today that it has enhanced the CrowdStrike Falcon platform in order to provide a new endpoint detection and response as well as an extended detection and response solution for what is now known as extended Internet of Things assets.

The Internet of Things, operational technology, medical devices, the industrial Internet of Things, and “Industry 4.0” assets are all included in the category known as XIoT. All internet-connected cyber-physical devices can be referred to by this phrase in a variety of settings, including business, healthcare, and industrial settings.

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By 2025, 70% of asset-intensive organisations are expected to converge their security responsibilities across business and operational settings, indicating a market that is expanding quickly. CrowdStrike claims that due to the convergence of operational and information technology, security teams are required to protect crucial infrastructure systems.

By protecting linked assets with a purpose-built, XIoT-specific context, granular threat prevention strategy, and high-fidelity detections to minimise debilitating attacks like ransomware, CrowdStrike Falcon Insight for IoT allows OT digital transformation.

Strong XIoT threat detection is one of the service’s features that helps to lower risk and vastly increase business continuity. It accomplishes this by detecting threats like ransomware and malicious project file modifications using integrated threat intelligence, XIoT context, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Falcon Insight for IoT offers targeted threat prevention without sacrificing uptime, according to CrowdStrike, and stops threats at their source. Organizations are empowered to reduce system load and manage sensor upgrades more simply thanks to custom policy suggestions for XIoT assets.

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