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New ‘Technology Model’ May Shift Smart Devices to AI

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Uniquify, a neural network technology company, is announcing a proprietary neural network and AI modeling technology that introduces a new model to transition consumer smart devices to consumer AI devices.

The bottleneck to adopting advanced AI technology isn’t the AI models or platforms but how to economically deploy these complex AI models for consumers at the edges. The company said its neural network 2.0 and AI modeling technology will enable many consumer products to become AI devices and will also protect their privacy by running services at the edges.

According to Uniquify, most consumers are ready to adopt advanced AI technology in visual, speech, and natural language processing for its useful capabilities and privacy enhancements. Device and system companies just haven’t found an AI technology at a price point that creates a justifiable margin when they integrate AI technology into their products.

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The company said it focuses to solve this fundamental business problem by re-thinking the new fabric of neural network and AI models to deploy the most advanced AI models to edge devices.

Neural Network 2.0 is a foundational neural network technology that shrinks the neuron in neural networks by replacing the conventional multiply-accumulate (MAC) block with Uniquify’s proprietary AI processing element (AIPE) to reduce the area, power consumption, and cost of neural network application silicon by up to 20 times.

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