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Pod Group Launches Single eSIM For All US Networks

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Pod Group, a Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) company along with Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) announced the launch of a new eSIM which has been specifically developed for IoT applications in the US market.

According to the firm, the new esim is based on a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) where enterprises no longer need to manage multiple SIMs and platforms. The ENO ONE SIM can be enabled pre- or post-deployment with a choice of profiles, including US native tier one carriers, US multi-network and global coverage on the same eSIM, allowing enterprises to decide which profiles to use and download at any point during the device lifecycle.

The ENO ONE SIM is a brand new eSIM solution that Pod Group will be introducing together with G+D, who acquired Pod in July 2021. Pod said it runs its own dedicated IoT core network designed specifically for enterprise IoT applications, including connectivity on both private and public networks.

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Network, connectivity and eSIM management as well as security and billing are provided as managed services via Pod’s IoT Suite platform.

Sam Colley, CEO of Pod Group said, “The benefit for enterprises is a greatly simplified connectivity solution, ONE eSIM with a single SKU, and ONE platform to manage all their connectivity requirements, whether global or local.” The company said that both consumer eSIM (SGP22) and M2M eSIM (SGP02) standards are available.

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