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AI Assistant Which Glues Your Smart Home!

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Your AI Assistant For A Personalised Smart Home!

As AI becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, IoT firm Neura is bringing AI to a new level by unveiling its first smart home solution, which gives IoT devices and apps the ability to understand and learn about each person in the home and adapt to their lifestyle by growing smater over time, anticipating what they will prefer their products to do in a specific moment. Read more.


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Bringing Machine Learning To Devices, Cars & Machines: Qualcomm

With a vision to bring artificial intelligence technology to devices, cars and machines, chipmaker Qualcomm bought machine learning startup Scyfer. Scyfer has been working on AI for companies in industries such as manufacturing, health care and finance. Qualcomm’s current products support many AI use cases from computer vision and natural language processing to malware detection on a variety of devices like smartphones and cars. The firm emphasised that it now wants to reasearch on topics like AI for wireless connectivity, power management and photography. Read more.

Comprehensive Solution For Future Smart Buildings

Engineering technology and software developer Altair has partnered with Candi Controls to offer a smart building software system with actionable gateway analytics. The new solution integrates Carriots’ data analytics solutions for all types of smart building data with Candi’s PowerTools, which handle the complex protocol and networking problems required to integrate communications among heating and cooling systems, power meters, light sensors, and more. The new solution is hoped to allow users to aggregate live and historical data from HVAC, energy, lighting, temperature, air quality and other devices, allowing them to combine it with data from other sources (such as financial, maintenance, customer relationship data, warranty data) for better insights. Read more.


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