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Ultra-small GNSS SiP: A Game-changer For Fitness Trackers

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Today’s wearable and portable devices such as fitness trackers and health monitoring devices focus on maximum location accuracy while being power-efficient and small. To keep up with these requirements, u-blox has launched an ultra-small GNSS SiP (System in Package) measuring just 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.0 mm and claimed to use only one‑third the power of current‑generation GNSS receivers.

The  ZOE‑M8B consumes 25 mW on average in most environments (including urban), and as little as 12 mW during instantaneous tracking. There is a three-fold improvement in power efficiency when compared with other variants in the ZOE‑M8 series.

u-box says it’s the Super-Efficient (Super-E) mode of the ZOE-M8B due to which it automatically adjusts the power consumed by the system components based on the external conditions. Thus, the SIP offers an ideal balance between miniature size, low power consumption and good GNSS performance.

The device integrates a GNSS receiver, TCXO, SAW and LNA in a single package, making it easy to add accurate location and positioning functionality to almost any device.

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