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India is Now Open to New Investment Sectors for Cloud Vendors

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Since 1950 till now, cloud computing has gone through a remarkable evolution and expansion, both globally and in India, so much so that by end of 2018, 75% of Indian developer teams will include cloud based cognitive or Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities in one or more services, as observed by International Data Corporation (IDC). Demand for cloud based IoT solutions have also increased in Indian market.

According to Rishu Sharma, Associate Research Manager, IDC India, adoption of cognitive/AI functionalities will widely impact the software developers using cloud based cognitive functionalities.

While several enterprise software companies in India have already adopted cognitive/Artificial Intelligence (AI) components and functionalities to provide predictions, assistance, recommendations and guidance on tasks within software, India will soon see a new era of cloud computing functionalities with up-gradations and upcoming version of software that will include machine learning analytic techniques or much broader cognitive/AI functionalities, she stated.

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As a result of these up-gradations, the ecosystem will not be confined to data scientists alone but extend to all users of the enterprise software including customer experience, supply chain, collaboration, human resources, or other applications.

She also indicated that multi-cloud management is an area that requires more attention at present. Given that multi-cloud set up will be the way forward, the vendors need to understand end to end management for multi-cloud platform and ways of utilising the infrastructure to maximum capability. It is estimated that by 2020, over 90% of global enterprises will adopt multi-cloud platform.

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