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Intelligent Truck Tyres by Continental

Continental uses IoT to monitor fleet of tyres reducing manual errors.

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Helping to make the world’s roads safer, Continental, a Connected transportation technology company is using the Internet of Things (IoT). Called ContiConnect, the company’s new digital tyre monitoring platform, uses Vodafone’s IoT SIM technology.

ContiConnect monitors, analyses and reports data about tyre temperature and pressure for commercial fleets, such as trucks, busses, industrial or earth moving vehicles. It will increase up-time and lower maintenance costs as well as maximise efficiency.

ContiConnect is designed to collect tyre pressure data for commercial vehicle fleets every time the trucks return to the fleet terminal, and display it in a mobile-friendly web portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Identifying tyres with low air pressure or high temperature is vital to preventing tyre blowouts. With the new Continental system, a fleet of tyres is monitored every time trucks or buses return to the terminal. This way, manual checks, which often get skipped, are unnecessary, and fleet managers or maintenance managers can view the data remotely. Also, the service sends text message and email alerts if a tyre issue is identified.

“Fleets no longer have to rely on performing tyre pressure checks. With ContiConnect, they will know immediately upon returning to the fleet terminal whether any tyres have low pressure. Leveraging the Internet of Things saves fleets time and money by protecting their tyres, and improves safety for everyone who drives on the roadway.” said Paul Williams, EVP, Commercial Vehicle Tyres in the Americas, Continental.

Stefano Gestaut, Director – IoT, Vodafone said, “This is a great example of how IoT can make real world differences in so many unexpected places. This ensures that truck drivers experience fewer tyre-related breakdowns and accidents – making the roads a safer place to be for every vehicle user.”    Read more…

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