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Step out of Google Search, Try PW Beacon

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One fine day, you are in a cab and you see a big banner of your favourite singer coming in town for a concert. You pull out your phone and start searching on the web to purchase the concert ticket. In ninety percent of these cases, you have to take help from Google. But it has gotten old school now, with a new IoT product called as Blesh.

By Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Blesh, a physical web search beacon (PW Beacon), works as a communication medium for those things that users see along a path or a street – it just broadcasts information onto a device.. Let us say you are at a bus station and this beacon is present there. Whenever you are nearer to the beacon, it will flash a notification on your smartphone. You just have to click the notification and all the information regarding the calendar, timing schedule of the buses going to and  from that particular bus station will be displayed on your smartphone. You can also book your bus at the same instance as that of purchasing a ticket for a concert.

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Blesh can be used near subway posters, large banners along the street, airports and railway stations, ATMs, etc. In homes it can be used with a secure password unlike the open version used  in public.

They work utilizing one-way communication – they transmit signals, but don’t receive it, thus protecting the user’s information and privacy by not collecting any information unlike what Google does. The most advantageous feature of this product is that it boasts a two year battery life, which is enough for one to not worry about the working of the beacon.

 The author is a content specialist at EFY.

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