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ST offers the widest MEMS sensor portfolio in the market

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STMicroelectronicsMr. Vishal Goyal, Senior Manager – Technical Marketing, Analog and MEMS Group [AMG], India, Asean and ANZ, STMicroelectronics shares his insightful thoughts on the trending wearable technology and  Internet of Things use cases.

Q How ST maintains its leadership in MEMS technology space?

ST is continuously strengthening its position in the MEMS market through the introduction of new devices. In addition to motion sensors, environmental sensors and MEMS microphones, we are using MEMS mirrors to develop a complete solution for ultra-mobile projectors. It is absolutely critical to keep competitive advantage and maintain the trust of our customers. This requires to be innovative and creative while following our strategic direction.

MEMS micro-mirrors is a shining example of innovation and market leadership
We are already enjoying market success inside Intel’s RealSense laser scanning application and now many other tier-one companies are interested in this brilliant new product.

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Q Could you mention some of the key milestones achieved by ST in wearable technology segment?

  • More than 100 million Pressure sensors shipped in 2015?
  • Introduced world’s smallest pressure sensor in tiny package (2x2x0.76mm)
  • Used for altimeters, indoor navigation and weather stations.
  • Shipped around 65 million pressure sensors in 2014.
  •  Applications
  • Altimeter
  •  Indoor navigation
  • Weather station
  •  World’s first sensor to provide a direct digital output of the Ultraviolet Index (UVI)-Now in a wearable device
  •  Combined temperature & humidity sensor in smart home projects

Q How effectively is MEMS sensors technology evolving in Indian context? What are various segments and strategy ST’s MEMS offering for India?

India is one of the largest markets for consumer goods and latest gadgets. Smartphone’s, tablets, Cameras, game consoles and laptops are now present in majority of Indian homes. MEMS sensor technology plays an important role by empowering these gadgets with an ability to sense the external environment and act intelligently. STMicroelectronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of micro-machined accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, magnetic sensors, and microphones and has the capability to integrate these in multi-sensor combos with on-board signal processing, control functions, sensor-fusion algorithms, and wireless connectivity.

ST diversified product portfolio includes:

  • Application-driven Innovation
  • Continue to differentiate our industry leading products (motion MEMS, microphones, touch screen.)
  • Adapting existing technologies to new uses (e.g. fluidic)
  • New technologies for existing markets (Thin-film piezo)
  • New technologies for new markets (MEMS mirrors)
  • Technology & Partnerships
  • Retain strong, differentiated technology portfolio with in-house manufacturing for fast ramp and supply security
  • Partnerships to accelerate time to market and build-up of new skills and competences
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Motion MEMS for OIS and pedestrian navigation
  • Expanding in new areas (environment & microphones)
  • New generation of touch screen controllers
  • Products for automotive and industrial
  • MEMS actuators (Thermal, Piezo, Electrostatic)
  • Investing in low power Analog and RF to grow in IoT


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