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Smart Home Appliances Working Cooperatively Without Internet Connection

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Mitsubishi says its new platform will enable networked smart home appliances to collaborate with each other without connection to a cloud or the internet, and will support new services that could not be implemented with individual appliances.

The result will be more comfortable and convenient living environments in which occupants will not be required to operate or adjust their smart appliances on a daily basis. Commercialization of the platform is targeted at 2020.

Platform facilitates autonomous home services that don’t require cloud computing or internet connection

Using the platform, networked smart appliances will be able to allow their sensors and functionalities to cooperate in new home services without the need for cloud computing or internet connection.

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The company has developed a lightweight software library that requires memory space of just around three megabytes, enabling the platform to run even on low-spec microcontrollers such as those deployed in smart home appliances.

“The platform will integrate the aggregation of diverse functionalities from networked home appliances not possible with individual appliances, to increase comfort and convenience in homes”, the company said.

The platform also allows for newly acquired smart home appliances to be added seamlessly to the network.

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