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Simplifying Remote Tech Support Using ‘Augmented Reality’ | Moving Towards An AR Future!

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A new Augmented reality (AR) app holds great potential to fundamentally change the way we interact with each other and solve our daily queries. To cope up with the growing IoT market, Intel has launched a free software development kit (SDK) which helps companies provision IoT devices automatically and securely. Finally, Eurotech’s new, compact IoT gateway featuring LTE connectivity is now available for industrial and lightly rugged applications.

Blending ‘Augmented reality’ Into Real Life

Vuforia’s new Augmented reality (AR) app, dubbed ‘Chalk’, is much like a video conferencing app which helps to allow a person offer remote tech assistance to another person by connecting the cameras between their smartphones. People can use their finger or stylus to make chalk marks (e.g. circle, arrows) and point out interesting features on the own device, which appear on the screen of the recipient’s device in real-time. Chalk also includes audio, allowing people to talk and solve the problem efficiently. For instance, you can help your parents to find the correct TV remote or explain how to operate it. You can also use it to get tech help from a plumber or electrician. Vuforia Chalk currently uses Apple’s ARKit, so it’s only available for Apple phones and tablets that support ARKit and are running the latest version of iOS. Support for additional devices such as Google’s Android is planned in future. Read more.

IoT Provisioning Solution Helps Install Devices Automatically

Helping the industry solve a huge problem around provisioning IoT devices,  Intel has developed the Intel Secure Device solution. The SDK gives companies a way to provision automatically and ensure that whatever the device — a smart light bulb, a sensor on a piece of equipment or a video camera — is a sanctioned device and can be installed securely automatically without human intervention. Read more.

New IoT Gateway With LTE Connectivity

Eurotech expands its IoT gateway portfolio by introducing the new ReliaGATE 10-12 with integrated LTE connectivity. The firm has also announced two expansion modules for extended I/O capabilities and LoRa LPWAN connectivity. ReliaGATE 10-12 is based on the TI AM3352 Cortex-A8 (Sitara) processor running at 1-GHz. Application areas include: data collection telemetry, energy monitoring, embedded industrial, brownfield connectivity, remote maintenance of field devices, etc. Read more.

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