IoT Starter Kit Simplifies Global IoT Connectivity Without The Need For Internet


A new IoT starter Kit based on USSD messaging soothes makers of IoT devices by simplifying global IoT connectivity without the need for the internet. An interesting announcement from 4G chipmaker GCT is a hybrid (Cellular + Sigfox) IoT chip which allows several innovative use cases to transform both the traditional cellular as well as the fledgling IoT markets. Finally, Electric Imp’s IoT Platform is enabling speedy, low-cost devices for intelligent electrical metering and energy use control.

New IoT Starter Kit Based On USSD

With a new IoT starter kit, Industrial IoT (IIoT) connectivity provider Thingstream aims to simplify global IoT connectivity without the need for the internet. The Thingstream IoT Starter Kit is a bundle of hardware and software to enable device manufacturers rapidly develop IoT projects. According to the firm, leveraging GSM connectivity without reliance on cellular data or SMS, the kit will allow a device to connect to almost any GSM network worldwide and communicate with applications via MQTT messaging. Read more.

Hybrid IoT Chip Supports Cellular & Sigfox IoT Networks

4G chipmaker GCT has announced a hybrid Sigfox and cellular chip for IoT applications. The GDM7243I now supports LTE Category M1/NB1/EC-GSM along with Sigfox wireless IoT connectivity. What’s noteworthy is the chip’s low power consumption allowing its use in tracking devices which work for several years without the need for frequent battery re-charging. The hybrid feature allows tracking devices which operate on the Sigfox network for location tracking and switch to the cellular network as required. Hybrid devices can connect to the Sigfox network and operate in low-power mode to send and receive notifications-only. The Sigfox network can also provide backup connectivity to hybrid devices in case of cellular network coverage limitations, congestion, breakdown, or jamming of security/alarm systems. Read more.

IoT Platform Speeds Intelligent Grid Monitoring and Demand Response Solutions

UK’s demand response aggregator KiWi Power is utilizing Electric Imp’s IoT Platform to make innovative, low-cost devices for intelligent electrical metering and energy use control. The Iot platform is addressing security, scalability and lifecycle management for its industrial IoT-connected product, known as Fruit. According to KiWi Power, this has enabled a reduction in development time of Fruit from 18 to 10 months, and cut hardware and installation costs by 40 percent. Through the real-time collection of energy usage, asset control and demand response status, KiWi Power customers are now able to proactively forecast future events and minimize the impact of automated demand response events on building operations to actively manage energy usage and reduce costs. Read more.