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SATO Facilitates Printing Using Next Gen IoT Mobile Printer

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SATO has announced the launch of PW208NX which is an IoT-equipped mobile printer. This printer is designed for the printing of various labels such as markdown labels, price tag labels and delivery labels. These are employed in heavy use front-line operational environments. With the ever increasing e-commerce usage, retail and logistics providers have adopted better technologies enabling their workforces to handle the load.

The 2-inch mobile printer, offers support for SATO’s AEP (Application Enabled Printing) enterprise label printing platform. The platform enables smart and connected apps to be accessible. It also supports the cloud-based IoT maintenance service SOS (SATO Online Services). This service aims to identify issues before they become difficult to handle. The company feels this can prevent the downtime.

Employing AEP functionality, NFC and iOS support, the printer can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is capable of serving applications such as at QSR outlets, food production facilities, distribution centers and on-the-go for deliveries. Talking about the materialistic features, the printer has a polycarbonate body. SATO feels this will ensure that PW208NX is shock resistant and impact absorber when it is dropped. The presence of high quality elastomer on its edges manages the absorption of the impacts. This is done to protect the printer while out in the field. In addition to these features, the printer supports linerless labels which aims towards reducing the environmental footprint. This can be achieved by using less paper and eliminating waste.

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Noriyasu Yamada, SATO Chief Product Planning Officer, said, “We are excited to introduce a best-in-class IoT mobile printer to the market. As e-commerce needs continue to grow, smart hardware designed for the IoT era is a must. We have listened carefully to the pain points of the market to develop an expandable, evolving product that enables better connectivity to improve ROI for customers.”

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