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New Solutions for Industrial IoT, Smart Home and Wearables

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To help engineers address a broader range of high growth Internet of Things (IoT) applications ON Semiconductor has released a software support for its IoT Development Kit (IDK). With this new multi-sensor shield, customers can accelerate development timeframes.
This new solution will also help deploy IoT solutions much quicker for a variety of connected wellness and industrial wearables. Deploying IoT solutions will also accelerate smart home, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and other industrial IoT applications.
Software is integral to its capability enhancement, ON Semiconductor has released version 4.0 of its IDK software. This now includes native support for IBM cloud alongside the existing support for Carriots (Altair) cloud. Additionally, the embedded operating system running on the IDK motherboard has been upgraded to mbed version 5.5.

The IDK gives access to a wide variety of sensing, processing, connectivity and actuation possibilities under the IoT ‘umbrella’ through a range of shields/daughter cards that attach to the Arm SoC motherboard. The multi-sensor shield adds a variety of inertial and environmental sensors.

“We realize the importance of providing holistic solutions from node to cloud. The new sensing capabilities complement our ultra low power connectivity and actuator options enabling a whole new class of solutions with industry leading battery life,” said Wiren Perera, who heads IoT at ON Semiconductor.
The IDK multi-sensor shields will be available for customers to order in April.
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