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Adoption of AI by Indian Enterprises gets boosted

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Ativitti AI and Hotify AI have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate adoption of AI amongst the Indian enterprises. Through this collaboration, the required skill & resource challenges of enterprises will be addressed.
The MoU is expected to boost the industry’s efforts in creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) centric ecosystem.
Ativitti AI is dedicated towards AI, Education, Research, and Developing Integrated, pervasive & highly scalable AIEd platform for delivering education. The combination of the educational platform from Ativitti with Applied AI research at its core, and Hotify’s cognitive intelligence platform can provide latest cutting edge AI solutions to enterprises.
Hotify AI, is a cognitive intelligence platform, accelerating enablement of enterprise AI solutions. It’s industry expertise with real life business challenges and solutions will enhance Ativitti’s offerings. This will create an ecosystem of skilled resources who can support and accelerate the adoption of AI in the journey of enterprises.
At the announcement of the partnership, Sanjay Kasturia, CEO Ativitti AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd, said, “As the industry is readying itself to taking a giant leap by adopting AI first strategy, Enterprises have a herculean task at hand to re-skill and re-tool its resources. Building a knowledge base is of paramount importance in order to engage with its customers. The partnership with Hotify is a great synergy and a major step not only in addressing Enterprise business challenges with their highly scalable & robust AI platform but also in creating a wealth of knowledge within the client’s organization by bringing in experts from Academia, Industry and research institutions.”
This partnership will help utilizing strengths of both companies in not only R&D oriented projects but will also aim to strengthen consultancy in cutting edge technologies associated to AI & Robotics eco-system emanating  from Academics, Industry or Government. Ativitti will also work with Hotify to bring Industry exposure to academia which is critical considering the knowledge base at academic levels versus the expectations for employability.
“Our collaboration with Ativitti is significant, as it enhances our outreach to students and educational institutions and is a testimony of our core belief which is  enabling an ecosystem success,” said Preethi S Narayanan, President AI Solutions at Hotify.
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