MySensors + Arduino Board + Smartphone = Super Smart Irrigation System



 Ingridients Inside Irrigation Controller

  1. Status LCD: showing Date and time and other status
  2. PCB prototyping board
  3. Millimeter
  4. Pro Mini
  5. Arduino Board
  6. Breadboard
  7. Female breadboard connector strip
  8. Pro Mini (micro-controller board based on the ATmega328)
  9. Connector strips
  10. Thin Copper Wires
  11. Soldering iron
  12. 3.3 V regulator
  13. 10uf Capacitor and  .1uf capacitor
  14. Push Button
  15. Status LED
  16. sn74hc595n shift register
  17. Relays
  18. 3 piece terminal block
  19. ftdi USB to serial adapter
  20. USB Cable

We recommend that you “always try this at home”.

For more videos click here.


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