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mCig Inc. Launches New Website of its Blockchain Company OBITX Inc.

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mCig Inc. (MCIG) has announced the website launch of its blockchain focused company Obitx Inc. The company has encouraged the shareholders to visit a new corporate site at: The aim of OPITX is to identify and invest in projects that incorporate blockchain technology and real-world applications with the help of development teams, strong fundamentals and large addressable markets.

The recent ventures of OBITX feature crypto mining projects. The company has selected a location and investing time in buying hardware to start projects immediately taking help from current tests and data. The KRYP Network, partner with OBITX will launch the ICO as well as Render Payment’s commencement with trading on crypto exchanges. The market values have risen from $17 billion to over $500 billion indicating interest in the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Taking help from this data, Obitx has planned to deploy KRYP ATM units within the KRYPNetwork in order to bring considerable amounts of revenues and profits.

ICOMethod LLC., which is said to be the consulting arm of OBITX has been coordinating with multiple companies for the initiative of Initial Coin Offering. ICOMethod has offered solutions such as professional direction, brand activation and design, White Paper research and copywriting, the preparation of marketing materials, legal and accounting services in order to support its clientele. The OBITX team aims to benefit the investors and companies seeking to get into the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds. Also, performance-marketing platforms which integrates advertisers, networks, affiliates and mainstream media into a single offering will help them in broadcasting themselves.

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eHESIVE is a self-serve affiliate ad platform with costing per acquisition for cryptocurrencies. As per mCig Inc. the system is flexible, user-friendly and powerful and easy understanding analytics reporting system which helps in carrying out successful campaign results. Marketero is an HTML/ campaign based email newsletter service for engaging new and current customers within the blockchain and other networks. Using this service, even the most casual users can create rich campaigns. Latest PR is a press release manager for cryptocurrency sectors and digital investments. This has been developed for public announcements about significant milestones, business activity and funding rounds. Finally, Blog Certified is a multichannel blog repository which will serve marketers, brands and content publishers. Based on factors such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, lifestyle and tech, these advertisements enable the users to monetize any site.

Reminded daily how blockchain is the new platform leading to the next wave of innovation. The technology has proven to be reliable, decentralized, and transparent. It’s a disruptive technology having the ability to digitize, secure and incentivize the validation of transactions. Using our best acumen, we are able to identify, invest and incubate technology market leaders from the OBITX ecosystem”, said Alex Mardikian, Chief Executive Officer.


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