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Edureka Introduces New Cloud And Analytics Courses Just For “Digital India”

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Edureka“Our courses continue to be industry relevant and emphasises our commitment to Indian Government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative that has been rolled-out recently. We leverage the massive scale and reach, with these online courses,” Says Lovleen Bhatia, Co-Founder & CEO, Edureka. “These new age technologies will constitute the bulk of IT spending, transforming the way business is done, there by moving up the value-chain” He added.

Edureka, is one of the online-only, unique learning platform to train professionals in Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Technology. Today they have launched 3 new courses in cloud operating systems and data analytics. Edureka provides a deep understanding of industry-relevant topics that are required to work on these software solutions. In addition the courses allow learners to work on real-time use cases and live projects.

India houses millions of software developers and the urge to become increasingly competent in newer technologies exists here. These technologies are already a part of bulk of IT spending, transforming the way businesses are done.

Edureka’s fees for these new courses are Rs.17,995 for Teradata (4 weeks), Rs.21,995 for Base SAS Certification (4 weeks) and Rs. 19,995 for Openstack (6 weeks).

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SAS is the number one Data Analytics tool in the world today. With more than 60% market share, SAS is the data analytics platform of choice for organizations of various sizes. OpenStack, a cloud operating system software controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.

On the other hand, Teradata holds the place of the world’s largest commercial database program. The Teradata database management system uses the concept of parallel processing to move information to a data warehouse where it can be stored. Companies like Vodafone are one of the major clients of Teradata amongst many.

According to an industry report by NASSCOM – in partnership with BlueOcean Market Intelligence, the analytics market in India could more than double from the current $1 billion to $2.3 billion by the end of 2017-18.

Edureka has a panel of 150 instructors with rich industry experience with the organisation offering more than 85 courses. It has trained over 250,000 students in India and abroad, where the trainees primarily belong to mid-level management from multi-national companies

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