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Low-Power Hardware Module for Wearable and Industrial Edge Devices: Intel Curie

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The Intel Curie module is a tiny hardware product offering low–power compute, motion sensing, Bluetooth Low Energy, battery charging capabilities, and pattern matching capabilities. It is designed for optimised analysis of sensor data enabling quick and easy identification of actions and motions. The module is packaged into a very small form factor and runs a new software platform (explained below) created specifically for Intel Curie module.

Powered by the Intel Quark SE SoC, the Intel Curie module is extremely power efficient and ideal for “always-on” applications such as health and wellness, social notifications, and sports activities. The Intel Quark SE SoC integrates a pattern classification engine that allows it to identify different motions and activities quickly and accurately.

The Intel Curie Module includes:

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  • Low-power, 32-bit Intel® Quark™ microcontroller
  • 384kB flash memory, 80kB SRAM
  • Low-power, integrated DSP sensor hub and pattern matching technology
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Battery charging circuitry (PMIC)

Intel software platform

Created specifically for the Intel Curie Module, the new software platform is an end-to-end solution designed to assist developers by increasing the speed and ease of the development of a wide variety of wearable products.

The platform includes all of the hardware, firmware, software, SDK and services needed for a variety of use cases. The software platform, which supports iOS and Android devices, allows manufacturers to create their own unique and differentiated products.

Intel IQ software kits

Intel IQ software kits combine algorithms, device software, application and cloud software to help customers incorporate advanced functionality into their wearable designs and provide a user experience that offers greater utility and value. The kits include a small and efficient real-time operating system (RTOS), middleware service and drivers, customizable cloud portals as well as basic device management, visualization and analytics features.

Newly announced at IDF are two new Intel IQ Software Kits: Intel Identity IQ and Intel Time IQ, which will be released by the end of 2015.

Intel IQ Software Kits include:

  • Identity IQ establishes the identity of the user of the wearable device and enables personalized and secure experiences with services that require personal authentication.
  • Time IQ aims to improve the efficiency of wearable users’ daily routines and accomplish tasks with contextually-aware notifications.
  • Body IQ enables capabilities related to physical activities, including counting steps and calculating calories burned as well as providing data visualizations to help achieve goals.
  • Social IQ supports social interactions, including communication via phone, social networks and SMS with peers and brands.


The Intel Curie module is currently samplingand will ship to select OEMs and ODMs later in 2015.   The Intel IQ Software Kits will support future versions of the software platform which will be available for select OEMs and ODMs initially.

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