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“LoRaWAN Is An Open Ecosystem And Is A Global Standard”

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What is LoRa Alliance all about? How can it benefit creators of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in India and across the globe? When Rahul Chopra got a chance to meet the Alliance’s chief executive officer and chairwoman, Donna Moore, she not only explained membership benefits for device-makers but also for system integrators, enterprise customers and even network operators.

Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman, LoRa Alliance
Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman, LoRa Alliance

Q. What is the goal of LoRa Alliance? What value does it bring to members?

A. The goal of the Alliance is to promote LoRaWAN standard. It is an open alliance and accepts all members. The goal is really three-fold. First, it is to (continuously) develop specifications as the market changes and needs evolve.

Second is marketing. We promote LoRaWAN specifications and its members through social media, events and whitepapers. So, for companies that do not have the funds to market, we use our voice to raise them in terms of LoRaWAN specifications.

Third is certification. With billions of devices in the marketplace, it is important to know which ones will not operate as anticipated. For this, we have a robust certification programme. Devices that get implemented must be LoRaWAN-certified. This encourages government agencies to include bids for LoRaWAN-certified devices.

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Q. Why should device-makers become a member of LoRa Alliance?

A. Developers are always looking at new, unlimited use-cases. Anything can be connected. If device-makers want you to have an anchor use-case, or application such as metering, then once networks engage, you can add more use-cases. So, they have unlimited potential in the market. By being members of LoRa Alliance, they get the test tool for pre-certification.

We have local test houses for certification, beneficial especially for smaller companies. We market actual use-cases of developer companies and how these can be implemented and promoted.

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