“We have many members from India and growing.”


What’s LoRa Alliance all about? How can they benefit creators of IoT Solutions in India and across the globe? Those were the questions we had in mind, when we got a chance to meet the alliance’s CEO & chairwoman Ms. Donna Moore. She not only explained membership benefits for device makers, but also the system integrators, enterprise customers and even the network operators! Here are the key extracts in an interaction with ProfitfromIoT.com.

Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman, LoRa Alliance

Q) What is the goal of LoRa Alliance? What value does it bring to its members?

The LoRa Alliance is working around the globe to help people improve lives and safety. It is also involved in helping businesses improve their profit. It is incredible what the Alliance is doing to support the global world on such an important scale.   

The goal of the Alliance is to promote the LoRaWAN standard. We are an open alliance and we accept all members. The goal is really 3-fold. First, it is to develop the specification and continue developing it as the market changes and needs evolve. Second, is about marketing. We promote the LoRaWAN specifications and its members, through social media, events and whitepapers. So, especially for smaller companies who don’t have the funds to market, we have a very big voice in the market and we use that voice to raise all companies in terms of LoRaWAN specification.

Third, is around certification. Certification is very critical. When you have millions and billions of devices that are in the marketplace, then you need to know that aren’t going to operate as anticipated. For this, LoRaWAN has a very strong and robust certification programme. It is vital that the devices that get implemented are LoRaWAN certified. That would encourage government agencies to include bids for LoRaWAN certified devices.