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Kerlink to densify Proximus’s LoRaWAN IoT Network in Belgium

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It all started with Proximus’s deployment of a LoRaWAN IoT network in 2015 with 130 Kerlink Wirnet Stations, and Wirnet iBTS Standard reference. The network densification comprises of  geolocation-ready Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Standard stations.

When the additional rollout is completed by year-end, the network will have more than 1,000 Kerlink Wirnet units in the field, making it scalable, reliable and robust.

Wirnet iBTS Standard and Wirnet iBTS Compact stations are deployed outdoors and provide carrier-grade versatile, long-range, two-way and geolocation-ready connectivity. Kerlink customers worldwide have already deployed several thousand of these stations for IoT dedicated networks.

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Targeting public network operators, Wirnet iBTS Standard stations’ modularity offers increased coverage through cell densification by simply adding an extra LoRaWAN IoT module. Its geolocation-ready design also enables a fast ramp up to deploy innovative location-based services, natively localizing each end device through the network.

Kerlink’s Wirnet stations were tested before deployment. During trial they demonstrated that they fully meet the expectations of users, backed by the Kerlink team’s constant customer support and confirmed expertise.

This new IoT network has already stimulated innovations and opened the door to new business models. In addition, Kerlink has launched a project with the biggest gas supplier in Belgium, to monitor the domestic gas tanks to improve the service they can offer to their end-customers.    Read more…

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