eMudhra launches emSecure, an IoT security solution for smart cities. emSecure is designed to be deployed on any IoT platform that supports trusted platform modules.

emLabs, housed at eMudhra’s R&D center in Bangalore is gearing up for large scale smart city projects. Their state-of -the-art PKI suite will help cities deploy a secure IoT ecosystem, thus ensuring trusted communication between devices and mitigating the risk of man in the middle attacks.

emSecure is made compatible with LoRa devices to enable long range connectivity and improve the network reach for more efficient and cost effective smart city networks. Enabling IoT Security at a large scale with reliable encryption, it builds trust across customers, users, and smart city networks.

In the case of smart cities, emSecure enable usage of ICT to meet public needs and foster development in a multi-stakeholder environment. It also offers IoT building blocks that simplify how building systems talk to the cloud and exhaustively analyse building data. It uncovers new business insights capable of driving real value and greater performance.

emSecure optimises parking space usage, improves efficiency of parking operations. Using industry standard communication protocols, it powers provisioning, deployment and management of identity for users and embedded devices in a secure manner using Cryptography (PKI).


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