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IoT Framework With Tangible Benefits From Birlasoft

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Birlasoft (India) Limited announced that its Reverse Osmosis Monitoring & Optimization (ROMO) 1.0 application, was certified by SAP as “Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and was also awarded use of the “Co-innovated with SAP” logo. Birlasoft developed this Internet of Things (IoT) application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform in collaboration with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Bangalore. The application is designed as a comprehensive IoT framework that can be easily applied to all asset maintenance scenarios. While ROMO is a ready-to- deploy use case for wastewater treatment and thermal power generation units, the framework can easily be adapted to other asset-intensive industries, for diverse asset categories, including heat exchangers and boilers.

Birlasoft recognizes IoT as a driving force in manufacturing industries to maximize plant performance, increase manufacturing execution efficiencies, improve quality and quantity of plant output, and drastically reduce cost of plant maintenance.  The ROMO solution is built to capture machine-generated data from sensors in reverse osmosis (RO) plants, to provide real-time, unprecedented, smart analytics to the plant operations manager, in the form of improved, proactive insights on the performance of RO membranes in the water treatment plant. ROMO has been designed to predict and prevent RO membrane failure by monitoring membrane fouling and deterioration.

The efficiency and effectiveness of an RO plant is critical in the power or process industry; any unplanned outage could cause huge efficiency and productivity loss, equal to millions of dollars. Birlasoft’s solution aims to deliver tangible benefits, such as improving RO plant efficiency by up to 20%, reducing operation cost up to 25%, and saving up to 50% of membrane replacement cost.

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Birlasoft collaborated with SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab Network to co-develop the ROMO application. SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab Network is a part of SAP’s global R&D network and offers a hands-on environment for SAP, partners and customers to work together on current and future technologies.

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