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Internet of Things Inc. Brings Blockchain and IoT Together

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By combining Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Things Inc. has announced a new subsidiary called Blockchain of Things. It aims to transform the way global business transactions and operations are conducted. While ensuring enterprise level privacy and security for all parties, it will provide an incorruptible, trustworthy environment that automates, accelerates and encodes transactions.

Blockchain of Things Inc. is actively pursuing several strategic initiatives and acquisitions where Blockchain and IoT together use smart contracts to streamline various operational/manufacturing activities. The initial focus of the Blockchain of Things subsidiary includes Supply Chain Management (SCM) targeting the following verticals: logistics; food safety; software; and B2B RFID users.

Blockchain + IoT will optimize supply chains by securely tracking objects and by using smart contracts and smart applications that improve IoT compliance, features and cost efficiencies. The Internet of Things Inc. foresees that blockchain will be the catalyst to the explosive adoption of both consumer and industrial IoT products and services.

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Blockchain of Things also announces the appointment of Michael Lende, as a senior consultant.   Read more…

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