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Spectra to provide 12 Gbps Bandwidth to GoWork Campus

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GoWork joins hands with Spectra to provide hyper connectivity for a period of six years. The overall capacity at the campus will start with 1Gbps growing to 12 Gbps. This exclusive partnership gives a cumulative edge to GoWork’s internet operations and makes it Asia’s first co-working campus to provide clients with a dedicated internet speeds to each person of 2 Mbps per person (dedicated/primary line of 1Mbps per person + 1Mbps backup).

Spectra is currently busy developing some IoT-based products internally. These will be established in GoWork campuses. Also, GoWork’s clients will get an opportunity to associate with Spectra to develop an IoT Framework. Actually, they will get chance to work with the latest innovations in technology and use the same in their day-to-day operations. Not only this, Spectra will manage the entire cyber operations ensuring complete privacy of data making GoWork become Asia’s fastest co-working campus.

Commenting on this hyper connectivity association, Sudeep Singh, chief evangelist at GoWork, said, “GoWork has always strived to bring in the best in infrastructural requirements for our clients, and a high-speed internet connectivity is a necessity for efficient operations. We aim to provide our customers with the best facilities available in the industry, given the global standards.“

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Lifelong India, which operates from GoWork campuses said, “Internet is the basic need for our operations and low connectivity is any day inexcusable. After GoWork’s alliance with Spectra, not only we have started saving time but also feel more secure about the data of our customers.”

Considering the overwhelming response received till now from GoWork’s clients, the association has certainly been a major success and has the potential to revolutionize the co-working domain in India and across Asia.   Read  more…

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