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Internet Of Things Is A “Game Of Trust”

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IntelQ  What is the grand objective that surrounds the Internet Of Things according to you?

A The 50 billion devices we talked about will generate a massive amount of data. Be it retail, transportation or smart home automation solutions. Intel is directing its investments to these major verticals to create a connected world leveraging Internet Of Things using analytics, cloud and its infrastructure. We are working on power efficient products such as gateways and integrating our security resources with these.

Security is perhaps the most crucial part of IoT. We leverage security from Intel and operating systems from Windriver for powering our devices. All of this is for making the world smarter and a better place to live.

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Q Will 5G become the most sought after connectivity solution to  Internet Of Things?

5 G is a revolution. Technologies such as these are becoming the cornerstone of our connected world. 5G trials are being done by Intel for IoT today and we are keeping in pace with partners for implementing smart city projects. These initiatives include smart transportation, smart housing, smart environment and finally converging into an integrated ecosystem.

Q What factors are driving the IoT momentum in India ? 

Security and surveillance are becoming a major concern for state and central governments in India. On the other hand enterprises need efficient shop-floors. Using Intel’s framework for IoT, we are integrating technology. India will become a technology hub, mainly with the smart city initiatives and specifically smart agriculture. For example, it is now possible to get data from farm equipment’s using IoT to get better projections and advice the potential is enormous.

Q What is the link between Security and performance while capturing data from the devices?

I don’t think security is a separate thread. It should be exercised from edge to the datacentre.  Building end to end security is again a part of providing integrated solution to this segment. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)  is one of those technologies that ensure fast data processing while performing encryption and decryption of sensitive bundle at the same time. This also comes into relevance when we have huge financial operations, transactions etc. which require real time data integrity and protection.

Q What are the hardware based security mechanisms from Intel in this regard?

We have Trusted execution technology or Intel TXT and similar technologies to ensure that there are no trade-off between Performance and security. (TXT is a hardware based Enforcement mechanism to ensure security which creates a unique identifier for blocking or approving codes)

Essentially technology vulnerabilities must be patched ground up (end point device till the Data Centre).

Q Can Analytics be built into Gateways?

Gateways are an important component of IoT projects. It accumulates the data and aggregates it. They facilitate analytics at the edge too. Building analytics into those gateways is very important so as to aid in faster decision making. For Intel it is a critical component for all Internet Of Things solutions. They are powered by Windriver operating system on one hand and Intel security technology on the other hand.

Q Can Trusted Analytical platform become an value addition for Internet Of Things?

Given that 80-90 percent analytics goes into data preparation, a lot of work is being done to provide end customers with a platform for solutions in analytics. Trusted Analytical platform (TAP) accelerates the cloud collaboration for easy development of cloud based analytics. Cloud and analytical experts can work on creating algorithms, enhancing machine learning capabilities and libraries required to build the analytical infrastructure much faster. We make use of this with our developers in the IoT zone.

Q How is Intel helping out young minds and start-ups in IoT?

We are working with higher education institutions and start-ups as well; helping young developers through our initiatives such as “Embedded Challenge” to build solutions on IoT. This is where the disruptions start and they are all building on cloud. In India integrations with internet is already happening. We have route tracking, fleet tracking, surveillance, health and insurance sectors, smart wearables etc. that have shown us that we are already overcoming the connectivity barriers.


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